Friday, September 4, 2015

Various Artists - 2010 "Mahavishnu Re-Defined II": A Tribute To John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu Orchestra

As many of you know, back in 2008 ESC Records released "Mahavishnu Re-Defined". The two-disc set included tracks by Billy Cobham & The HR Big Band, Mitch Forman, Jim Beard, Dennis Chambers, The Mahavishnu Project and many others. The first set was such a success that ESC has now released a second volume. "Mahavishnu Re-Defined II" will feature another double CD compilation featuring tracks by incredible artists such as Surinder Sandhu featuring Steve Vai, Chris Massey, David Torn, Allen Hinds, George Colligan, Steve Topping, Kai Eckhardt, Michael Manring and others. This time around, The Mahavishnu Project has contributed their high intensity take on "One Word/Resolution" featuring vocalist Melissa Stylianou.

Second instalment of the Mahavishnu tribute series. Inspired 2CD set featuring tracks by various modern artists either creating their own dynamic arrangements of John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra - compositions or producing original sonic paintings based on Mahavishnu consciousness. This collection serves to enlighten neophytes, satisfy seasoned fans of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and pay homage to one of the most deserving masters of the fusion genre with some stellar performances and interesting interpretations of McLaughlin?s compositions.

  Tracks Listing

The Dance Of The Maya (Kai Bruckner)
Starmaker Machinery (For John McLaughlin)
Miles Beyond (Christopher Schreiner, aka The Guy)
The Little Hindu (Surinder Sandhu/Steve Vai)
Are You The One? (Nat Janoff)
Setilla's Dance (Don Mock)
One Word (Resolution) (Mahavishnu Project)
Windchaser (John Stowell)
Gore (Chris Massey's Forever Sharp & Vivid/David Torn)
My Foolish Heart (Allen Hinds)
12 Tone Boogie (Bruce Arnold)
I Wonder (Mychael Pollard)

Celestrial Terrestial Commuters (Ali Neander/Helmutt Hattler)
House Of Return (Jeff Gauthier Goatette)
Can't Stand The Funk (Bon Lazaga)
Keeping Pace Ruff (George Colligan & Mad Science)
The Life Divine (Steve Topping)
Thanks Mah (Bill Hart)
Hope (Mark Wingfield)
Snake Charmer (Rez Abassi)
Quiet Moves (Claude Pauly)
Hymn (Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise)
Mahvishnology (Gianfranco Continenza)
Vital Transformation (Trio Of Stridence)
Very Early (James Findlay)



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