Sunday, September 6, 2015

Miles Davis - 1967 [1998] "Sorcerer"

Sorcerer is an album recorded in May 1967 by the Miles Davis quintet. It is the third of five albums that this quintet recorded. It also includes one track from a 1962 session with vocalist Bob Dorough, which was the first time Wayne Shorter recorded with Davis. Davis does not play on the second track, "Pee Wee". The album's cover is a photo of actress Cicely Tyson, who at the time was Davis's girlfriend (and many years later his wife), in profile.

The only tune from the album known to have appeared in Davis's live performances is "Masqualero", written by Wayne Shorter. Davis's groups performed it as late as April 1970; the last known version appears on the live album Black Beauty. The tune has also been revived by Wayne Shorter by his quartet since the 90's.
The CD reissue includes alternate takes of "Masqualero" and "Limbo". The alternate take of "Limbo" was actually recorded in Los Angeles on May 9, several days before the final take was recorded in New York City. This take also replaces Ron Carter with bassist Buster Williams. Both versions of "Masqualero" were recorded on the same date and with the same personnel.

Sorcerer, the third album by the second Miles Davis Quintet, is in a sense a transitional album, a quiet, subdued affair that rarely blows hot, choosing to explore cerebral tonal colorings. Even when the tempo picks up, as it does on the title track, there's little of the dense, manic energy on Miles Smiles -- this is about subtle shadings, even when the compositions are as memorable as Tony Williams' "Pee Wee" or Herbie Hancock's "Sorcerer." As such, it's a little elusive, since it represents the deepening of the band's music as they choose to explore different territory. The emphasis is as much on complex, interweaving chords and a coolly relaxed sound as it is on sheer improvisation, though each member tears off thoroughly compelling solos. Still, the individual flights aren't placed at the forefront the way they were on the two predecessors -- it all merges together, pointing toward the dense soundscapes of Miles' later '60s work. It's such a layered, intriguing work that the final cut, recorded in 1962 with Bob Dorough on vocals, is an utterly jarring, inappropriate way to end the record, even if it's intended as a tribute to Miles' then-girlfriend (later, his wife), Cicely Tyson (whose image graces the cover).

Track listing

    "Prince of Darkness" (Shorter) - 6:30
    "Pee Wee" (Tony Williams) - 4:51
    "Masqualero" (Shorter) - 8:55
    "The Sorcerer" (Hancock) - 5:14
    "Limbo" (Shorter) - 7:19
    "Vonetta" (Shorter) - 5:39
    "Nothing Like You" (Bob Dorough, Fran Landesman) - 2:03


    Miles Davis - trumpet
    Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone
    Herbie Hancock - piano
    Ron Carter - double bass
    Tony Williams - drums

The lineup differs greatly on the track "Nothing Like You", since it was recorded several years prior:

    Miles Davis - trumpet
    Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone
    Bob Dorough - vocals
    Gil Evans - arrangements
    Frank Rehak - trombone
    Paul Chambers - bass
    Jimmy Cobb - drums
    Willie Bobo (William Correa) - bongos



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