Sunday, September 20, 2015

Iceberg - 1976 "Coses Nostres"

For their second album Iceberg had a completely turn both in the line-up and style of music proposed.Angel Riba left the group and the remaining quartet decided to move on as all instrumental ensemble.They traveled again to Madrid and recorded ''Coses nostres'' in just four days during September 76' at the Kirios Studios.Even a single was released to promote the album, containing ''Preludio'' along with a shorter version of ''La flamenca electrica''.

Musically the mixed bag of sounds presented on ''Tutankhamon'' was a thing of the past.Iceberg focused on creating technically compentent, at times virtuosic and irritating Progressive Rock with strong Jazz and Spanish Folk  influences, not far from the sound of GUADALQUIVIR or IMAN CALIFATO INDEPENDIENTE.Most of the tracks are long with plenty of shifting moods, led by the soaring synthesizers and the electric piano of  Josep Mas and the sharp, jazzy guitars of Sune.The spanish sounds are easily recognizable throughout the release, as ''Coses nostres'' contains tons of Latin vibes in its solos and melodies.The performances and arrangements are well-balanced, ranging from rich and incredibly dense musical ideas to softer moments with a more Jazz- or Acoustic-oriented sound, lacking a proggy flavor.Equally, the atmosphere of the album goes through dreamy and sensitive textures to more cold and technical soundscapes.However a very sterile production along with the somewhat thin synthesizer sound prevent the album from being a true must-have.

Nice, elaborate and captivating instrumental Prog/Fusion for all lovers of the style.Try to skip the disadvantage of the mediocre recording quality and focus on the great musicianship, you are sure to enjoy this album a lot more.Recommended.

An album with excellent rapid prog fusion, that sounds like Colosseum II or Modry Efekt; guitar driven, slightly ethnic, and spacey. It starts off a bit slow, but soon gains momentum and aftar a while really rocks. It also contains some more urban-sounding jazz themes. Iceberg isn't the only band that plays successfully with that rural/urban opposition (Duello Madre comes to mind). Well played and recommended.

Finally one step ahead, closer to such Fusion stuff in the vein of "Al di Meola" and "Return to Forever" as well, and sometime in a more "progressive" mood, like in the album "Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy" by R.T.F.!! Entirely an instrumental album ,this time you find some remarkable interplays with the guitar,but at the end you are in trouble when immediately you should like to listen to them once again, after the conclusion of the second side and you can't remember any music theme or melody, also after a repetitive listening...don't get me wrong, this issue is absolutely recommended, despite of finding some defects here, nevertheless- by comparing it to the best album by R.T.F. -("Romantic Warrior"), the present issue can not stand in the same place!!

Tracks Listing

1. Preludi I record (2:14)
2. Nova (musica de la Llum) (8:56)
3. L'acustica (referencia d'un canvi interior) (9:10)
4. La d'en Kitflus (6:49)
5. La flamenca electrica (5:56)
6. A Valencia (8:45)
7. 11/8 (Manifest de la follia) (6:54)

Total Time: 48:44

Line-up / Musicians

- Jordi Colomer / drums
- Joseph "Kitflus" Mas / pianos, synthesizers
- Primitivo Sancho / bass
- Joaquim "Max" Suñe / guitars 



  2. A beautiful record, I love every second of it, thanks!

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