Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ashton And Lord First Of The Big Bands - 1974 BBC Radio One Live In Concert

First of the Big Bands – BBC Live in Concert 1974 is a live album recorded on September 12, 1974 at the London Palladium by Tony Ashton and Jon Lord and their all-star band featuring Ian Paice, Carmine Appice, Dick Parry and Max Middleton among others. The setlist features mainly songs off the album First of the Big Bands by Ashton & Lord, released in 1974. The live album was released in 1993 by Windsong International.

Track listing

    "We're Gonna Make It" (4.29)
    "I've Been Lonely" (4.15)
    "Silly Boy" (5.23)
    "The Jam" (5.20)
    "Downside Upside Down" (6.11)
    "Shut Up" (3.42)
    "Ballad of Mr. Giver" (7.12)
    "Celebration" (5.29)
    "The Resurrection Shuffle" (7.11)


    Tony Ashton - Hammond organ, piano, vocals
    Jon Lord - Hammond organ, piano
    Ian Paice - Drums
    Carmine Appice - Drums
    Pat Donaldson - Bass guitar
    Jim Cregan - guitar
    Ray Fenwick - guitar
    Dave Caswell - Trumpet
    Mike Davis - Trumpet
    Howie Casey - Saxophone
    Dick Parry - Saxophone
    Geoff Dolby - Saxophone
    John Mumford - Trombone
    Max Middleton - Electric piano
    Jimmy Helms - Backing vocals
    Madeline Bell - Backing vocals
    Jo-Ann Williams - Backing vocals
    Graham White - Backing vocals
    Kenny Rowe - Backing vocals
    Tony Ferguson - Backing vocals
    Roger Willis - Backing vocals

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