Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Outsidemen - 1996 Band "Overboard"

We used to meet before class at the mexican restaurant across from the school, and we would bring in our sketches, sometimes a whole piece, sometimes fragments, and come up with a rough form, sometimes REALLY rough. Then we would spring them on ourselves and the poor student/guinea pigs in the class, to simulate going into a recording session.
The Outsidemen was a project started by Ralph Humphrey, Jim Lacefield, and Mike Miller. Originally it was for an improvisational class at what is now known as M. I., (Musician's institute) in Hollywood, Ca.

Track listing:

1. Bad Dog (5:39)
2. Sweet 15 (6:23)
3. Rubber Legs (6:02)
4. Who Knows (5:36)
5. 5'll Getcha (8:00)
6. Blockhead (4:11)
7. Auto Worship (4:33)
8. Red and Orange (5:06)
9. Follow Your Heart (6:52)
10. A Moments Rest (7:40)


Mike Miller (guitar, synthesizer)
Ralph Humphrey (drums, percussion).
Jim Lacefield (Bass)
Recording at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA (09/15/1992).


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  2. I've been searching this album for years, since I read a review about it (on Guitar Player magazine) back in those years. Despite the 20ys age the album still sounds fresh and captivating, thanks to the modern guitar lines of Mike Miller and the perfect trio interplay. Wonderful post!

  3. Yea, Mike's a great guitarist. Love their version of the "Timeless" classic Red and Orange.

  4. also searching for Mike Miller - No Hyenas