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Jon Reshard - 2009 "Jon Reshard"

Jon Reshard CD discography Jon was born October 2, 1985. He began playing bass at the age of 5 years old. Influenced by people such as his father (bass player also), Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorious, John Patitucci, and many other musicians, Jon began to show tremendous musical ability and command of the instrument. At the age of 8 Jon was already playing Jaco's version of 'Donna Lee'. By the time he reached the age of 14 Jon was endorsed by Fodera guitars and that very same year toured Europe with his high school jazz band. Jon is also endorsed by Bergantino Audio, Digitech effects, and D'Addario strings. He performs clinics as a featured artist and sideman for drummer extraordinaire Tony Royster ...

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Reshard for the VERY first time at Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature camp in 2001 where ALL of us were in awe of his technical prowess. He was young and just plain on fire! When I met him for the 2nd time, it was on the very first day of shooting for the newly released Bass Sessionz, Vol. 1 DVD. Although Jon was only available to be there for the first shoot and that shoot was cut short due to technical difficulties, we did have enough time to, once again, all stand in awe of his abilities on his 4-string Monarch Fodera. I am also happy to report that Jon is one of the most humble and nicest cats I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with! But, you want to hear about the CD, yes?
Featuring Dave Weckl and Greg Howe (with whom Jon plays bass for outside of this project) as well as others on various tracks, this album goes WAY beyond chops. My personal opinion is that Jon really wanted to make a musical mark here. Those who know him know that he can play (like… REALLY play) but I think Jon wanted to transcend the chop-meister/music-for-musicians genre and make some wonderful (yet technically proficient) music. He succeeded in every way.
The music is very well composed… these tunes have shape and form and really take you somewhere. The playing is just amazing. There were times when I had to REALLY listen to discern wether it was Jon or Mr. Howe soloing! (If you are familiar with Greg Howe’s playing, you will understand how astounding that statement is). There are unison lines that leave you dumbfounded, grooves that make you do the head-bob and some truly beautifully musical moments. Jon may currently be one of the most deserving bass player’s you’ve never heard of and you all owe it to yourself to check this cat out! His solo bass version of “She’s Always a Woman” is worth the price of admission alone!
In short, every bass player should check this release out. Jon hit the ball out of the park, over the state line and into outer-space with this one! This, in all honesty, is a phenomenal release and something of which Jon should be endlessly proud. Nice job, man!!! ...Damian Erskine.

2009 3rd Q Release. From Greg Howe's "Sound Proof" album, see him come into his own. If you've never heard of Jon Reshard, his latest album(self-titled), is a stunning work. Witness two legendary artists, Dave Weckl and Greg Howe introduce his artistry and creative efforts. It is easy to tell that the album extension of his heart. There are unison lines that leave you dumbfounded, grooves that make you do the head-bob and some truly beautifully musical moments. His solo version of "She's Always a Woman" is worth the price of admission alone! -MP 

Track Listings

1. Number One
2. She's Always A Woman
3. Tesla
4. Chasing The Sun
5. Hyde
6. Gone
7. Save It
8. Forever
9. 2012 PT.1

Jon Reshard (Bass)
Greg Howe (Guitar)
Dave Weckl (Drums).



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