Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chad Wackerman - 1991 "Forty Reasons"

Forty Reasons is the first studio album by drummer Chad Wackerman, released in 1991 through CMP Records; it was later reissued together with Wackerman's 1993 album The View as a limited edition double-disc compilation.

The arrival on the shelves of Wackerman's FORTY REASONS seemed a long time coming. After Wackerman's tenure with Zappa and his continued work with Allan Holdsworth (who, naturally, lends his guitar prowess to FORTY REASONS), it seemed only logical that the crafty beatsmith would go out on his own.
FORTY REASONS is a tidy thesis of lessons well learned, a snazzy musical diary of 20 years of modern fusion surfeited with complex drumming, a multitude of elastic-time changes, and attractive, high-tech melodies. There's also a healthy funk base anchoring it all. This brazen re-thinking of the form renders its future prognosis quite healthy, thanks not only to Wackerman but also to bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboardist Jim Cox. Wackerman's choice in sidemen gives FORTY REASONS drop kick, punch, and top-notch performances by an airtight band.

"Forty Reasons" was drummer Chad Wackerman's debut solo project from 1991 and featured luminaries such as Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Jimmy Johnson on bass and Jim Cox on keyboards. Considered by many fans to almost out-Holdsworth a Holdsworth solo release, Allan is at his silkly legato best over these eleven instrumentals, melodically and harmonically driving the quartet into fusion nirvana. "Forty Reasons" was written up in Down Beat, who stated, "This one's a burner from the get go", while Jazziz Magazine enthused, "A recording that offers a formidable showcase for one of the most powerful and expressive young drummers in rock or jazz." A simply powerful fusion summit.

Tracks Listing

1. Holiday Insane (7:21)
2. You Came Along (4:10)
3. Forty Reasons (7:47)
4. Fearless (1:32)
5. Quiet Life (6:00)
6. Waltzing On Jupiter (1:49)
7. Tell Me (5:16)
8. House On Fire (1:14)
9. Hidden Places (4:02)
10. Go (1:40)
11. Schemes (3:19)

Line-up / Musicians

Allan Holdsworth- guitar
Jimmy Johnson- bass
Jim Cox- keyboards
Chad Wackerman- drums



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