Thursday, September 24, 2015

Richie Kotzen - 1995 "The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience"

The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience is the fifth studio album by guitarist Richie Kotzen, released on November 7, 1995 through Shrapnel Records.

Anyone who can hold thier own with Jeff Berlin is worthy of a listen .

Kotzen seems to know all the scales that go with the Chords that were aranged here . Jeff Berlin has been leading groups for years , and is a whole show by himself .Kotzen compliments Berlins busy playing with his Holdsworth style chops ,i wonder if they call him Ritchie Holdsworth , just to bust his balls.Unison lines between Bass and Guitar on this level is a rarity. Berlin is an amazing player ,Bissenette is the real deal as well, he is on many mainstream Jazz recordings .

Ferocious Jazz-Fusion drumming here. Chalk full, complex, incredible, perfect, crazy prog. Apparently, the drummer is Gregg Bissonette.

Absolutely great! one of the best richie kotzen's instrumental album!richie's playing is as usual fluid and clean and the sound is great!also in this new musical situation richie shows is great feeling and confidence in every genre of music.a must have for all the guitar players!

Awesome guitar, awesome drumming!! This is a must for Kotzen fans!! Some great heavy fusion in this one....Matt Bisonette is the drummer, and this has some of his best drumming, IMHO!! They make a great combo, and I'd like to see them do a project together again!! This is a must cd!!

Track listing:

All tracks written by Richie Kotzen except where noted.

01. Pulse – 6:20
02. Dose – 5:58
03. Hypnotist – 6:10
04. Ultramatic – 6:17
05. Trick (Richie Kotzen/Gregg Bissonette) – 5:11
06. Stark (Richie Kotzen/Gregg Bissonette) – 4:21
07. Hype – 5:42
08. Tramp – 7:07
09. Last Words – 4:22


– Richie Kotzen – guitars, bass, piano, organ, vocals, drums (8)
– Gregg Bissonette – drums
– Jeff Berlin – bass (1, 2, 4)
– Are Deanna – backing vocals (8)

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