Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mike Stern - 1989 "Jigsaw"

Jigsaw is the fourth studio album by guitarist Mike Stern, released in 1989 through Atlantic Records and reissued on July 17, 2007 through Wounded Bird Records. The album reached #12 on Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart in 1989.

This is a fairly typical Mike Stern fusion date, featuring his rocking guitar on seven of his pieces. Stern is joined by his usual sidemen -- tenor saxophonist Bob Berg, keyboardist Jim Beard, electric bassist Jeff Andrews, either Peter Erskine or Dennis Chambers on drums and percussionist Manolo Badrena -- and plays with plenty of fire, yet a good amount of restraint. Michael Brecker is a guest on "Chief," jamming on his fairly anonymous-sounding EWI. A decent effort, easily recommended to fans of the more adventurous rock guitarists.

This CD by Mike Stern reaffirms why he was such aqn important component of Miles Davis' bands in the 80's. This probably can't be called a "jazz" CD, because on many solos such as "Another Way Around," Stern squeals and crunches and bends his notes in a way a rock guitarist would , but also has the sense to run with the solo different from how a rock guitarist would by improvising his notes like a jazzman. His wood hardbody electric guitar that he features on the cover of the CD has such an interesting sound. Its tone is hard to describe, just listen to it for yourself. He rocks as hard as any jazz guitarist i've heard. Excellent CD of guitar work. Buy the CD, because one of the songs is cut out of the tape version. All the songs on this CD must be heard

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Mike Stern.
No.     Title     Length    
1.     "Another Way Around"       6:25
2.     "Loose Ends"       6:11
3.     "To Let You Know"       6:30
4.     "Jigsaw"       7:06
5.     "Chief" (bonus track on CD edition only)     7:45
6.     "Rhyme or Reason"       5:46
7.     "Kwirk"       6:58
Total length:


    Mike Stern – guitar
    Jim Beard – keyboard, synthesizer
    Peter Erskine – drums (except tracks 1, 4, 5)
    Dennis Chambers – drums (tracks 1, 4, 5)
    Manolo Badrena – bongo, shaker
    Don Alias – percussion
    Jeff Andrews – bass
    Bob Berg – saxophone
    Michael Brecker – EWI

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