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Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P. The Quintet - 1977 Tempest In The Colosseum

Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P. The Quintet - 1977 Tempest In The Colosseum

Only five days after The Quintet concerts in California, V.S.O.P. was caught live again on tape in Tokyo's Den-En Colosseum for another Japanese CBS/Sony release. "Tempest" is a good description, for this CD contains more volatile ensemble playing than its Columbia predecessor; clearly some tighter bonding took place since the trans-Pacific flight. The notion that Freddie Hubbard is filling in for Miles Davis in a reunion of his old quintet does not have much relevance, for Hubbard is always his own man, in command of his reverberant tone quality and idiosyncratic flurries that owe very little to Miles. Only "Lawra" is duplicated from The Quintet, and there is the additional treat of hearing Hubbard's masterpiece "Red Clay" performed to a turn by this crack quintet.

Tempest in the Colosseum was recorded on July 23, 1977 in Tokyo's Den-En Colosseum. Musicians in this landmark performance were Herbie Hancock on keyboards, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Tony Williams on drums, Ron Carter on bass, and Wayne Shorter on tenor and soprano saxophones. The recording was originally released in late 1977, as a Japan-only release issued on the Columbia label.


Ron Carter – bass
Herbie Hancock – keyboards, piano, synthesizer, vocals
Freddie Hubbard – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Tony Williams – drums

Track listing

1."Eye of the Hurricane" (Hancock) - 16:38
2."Diana" (Shorter) - 4:31
3."Eighty-One" (Carter) - 13:08
4."Maiden Voyage" (Hancock) - 11:55
5."Lawra" (Williams) - 8:23
6."Red Clay" (Hubbard) - 14:15


Herbie Hancock Trio - 1977 The Herbie Hancock Trio

Herbie Hancock Trio - 1977 The Herbie Hancock Trio

The first V.S.O.P. tour triggered a flood of recording activity in July 1977, but only a fraction of it was released in the U.S. This session, recorded in San Francisco just days before the Quintet concerts in Berkeley and San Diego, finds Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams mixing it up sans the horns -- and the results are more reflective and cerebral than the full Quintet concerts. Hancock is thoroughly in control of the agenda while Williams throws in those meter-fracturing flurries that keep everyone on their toes. There is a startling re-interpretation of "Speak Like a Child," which is significantly tougher and busier than the wistful Blue Note version, as well as challenging Hancock originals like "Watcha Waiting For" and "Watch It." This is uncompromising acoustic jazz, commercial anathema in the electronic '70s -- and thus, only Japan got to hear it.

Herbie Hancock Trio is an album by Herbie Hancock released in September 21, 1977 in Japan. It features performances by Hancock with Ron Carter and Tony Williams. It is the first of two albums with the same title—this album was released in 1977, and a second Herbie Hancock Trio was released in 1982.

Track listing

1. "Watch It" - 12:25
2. "Speak Like a Child" - 13:06
3. "Watcha Waitin' For" - 6:20
4. "Look" - 7:42
5. "Milestones" (Davis) - 6:40


Herbie Hancock – piano
Ron Carter – bass
Tony Williams – drums

Herbie Hancock - 1975 Flood

Herbie Hancock - 1975 Flood

Flood is the eighteenth album by Herbie Hancock. It was originally released only in Japan in 1975 as a double LP, and features the Headhunters Band, performing their hits from the Head Hunters, Thrust and Man-Child albums. It originally received a Japanese CD release & finally got a US release in 2014 on the Wounded Bird label.

Track listing

All compositions by Herbie Hancock except as indicated

"Introduction/Maiden Voyage" – 7:59
"Actual Proof" – 8:28
"Spank-A-Lee" (Mike Clark, Hancock, Paul Jackson) – 8:47
"Watermelon Man" – 5:50
"Butterfly" (Hancock, Bennie Maupin) – 12:44
"Chameleon" (Hancock, Jackson, Harvey Mason, Maupin) – 10:24
"Hang Up Your Hang Ups" (Hancock, Jackson, Melvin "Wah-Wah" Ragin) – 19:54


Herbie Hancock – acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, ARP Odyssey, ARP Soloist, ARP String Ensemble
Bennie Maupin – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, saxello, bass clarinet, flute, percussion
Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight – guitar
Paul Jackson – Fender bass
Mike Clark – drum set
Bill Summers – congas, percussion

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Vital Information - 2004 Come On In

Steve Smith's Vital Information has evolved from being a fusion band into one that is closer to soul-jazz. He had led units under the Vital Information name for 21 years when he recorded Come On In, a tight quartet album featuring guitarist Frank Gambale (of Chick Corea's Elektric Band), keyboardist Tom Coster (who also plays accordion), and bassist Baron Browne. The music includes some grooves worthy of Joe Zawinul, straight-ahead sections, catchy themes, and plenty of funky rhythms that avoid being predictable, plus a heated up-tempo blues "A Little Something." Smith is mostly in the background, content to propel and inspire his sidemen into playing some of their finest music. This set, which crosses many musical boundaries, reveals Steve Smith's Vital Information to be one of the most underrated bands in modern jazz and serves as an excellent introduction to the group's music. 

Steve Smith - Audio Production, Composer, Drums, Primary Artist, Producer, Udu
Tom Coster Accordion, Composer, Group Member, Keyboards
Frank Gambale Composer, Group Member, Guitar
Baron Browne Bass, Bass (Electric), Composer, Group Member, Guitar (Bass)

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Time Tunnel ( 5:38 )
2. Come On In ( 5:40 )
3. Beneath The Surface ( 2:06 )
4. Cat Walk ( 6:05 )
5. Around The World 9:35 )
6. Soho ( 6:25 )
7. A Little Something ( 8:23 )
8. From Naples To Heaven ( 4:08 )
9. Baton Rouge ( 6:18 )
10. Fine Line ( 2:18 )
11. High Wire ( 5:52 )

Total Time : 62:28

Vital Information - 1996 Ray Of Hope

Ray of Hope is Vital Information's seventh release, the first for Intuition Records and their first in four years. The material was actually recorded long before the release, while leader/drummer Steve Smith shopped around for a record deal. The majority of the selections have heavy commercial overtones, but the heavy grooves, nice melodies, and superb musicianship save this from being just another light fusion affair. Ever the selfless leader, Smith gives all bandmates plenty of opportunities to shine. In particular, keyboardist Tom Coster and bassist Jeff Andrews both shine on their duet of Horace Silver's "Peace." Drummers will be most pleased with the Max Roach-inspired drum solo "Maxed Out," a three-minute tour de force that proves why Smith is held in such high regard among his colleagues. While Ray of Hope may not be the most inspired recording the band has released, there is enough here to please most fans of high-energy jazz/rock fusion and/or contemporary jazz. 

 Line-up / Musicians

Steve Smith / drums
Tom Coster / keyboards
Frank Gambale / guitar
Jeff Andrews / bass

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Clouds ( 1:01 )
2. Celebrate Life ( 4:57 )
3. Rio Lize ( 4:48 )
4. Lorenzo`s Soul ( 5:32 )
5. Sacred Treasure ( 5:49 )
6. Sixth Sense ( 4:37 )
7. Ray Of Hope ( 5:41 )
8. Maxed Out ( 2:56 )
9. All My Love, Always ( 6:30 )
10.Peace ( 4:13 )
11.Fit To Be Tied ( 6:25 )
12.Over And Out ( 5:39 )

Total Time : 60;01

Vital Information - 1991 Vitalive!

The drummer with the very successful rock group Journey for seven years, Steve Smith left the band in 1985 to devote his career to jazz and specifically his group Vital Information. This CD is taken from their tour of August 1989 and features Smith's unit (which also includes Larry Schneider on reeds, guitarist Frank Gambale, keyboardist Tom Coster, and bassist Larry Grenadier) playing a strong set of group originals plus the standard "I Should Care" (a straight-ahead feature for Coster and the rhythm section). Although Coster uses electronics on some of the pieces, much of his date is simply high-quality acoustic jazz; even the funkier material swings. Recommended. 

 Songs / Tracks Listing

1. One Flight Up ( 6:06 )
2. Looks bad, Feels Good ( 5:39 )
3. Jave And A Nail ( 5:12 )
4. (What Lies) Beyond ( 7:09 )
5. I Should Care ( 7:29 )
6. Mac Attack ( 5:01 )
7. Johnny Cat ( 7:30 )
8. The Perfect Date ( 6:37 )
9. Island Holiday ( 7:31 )
10. Europa ( Earth Cry - Heaven`s Smile ) ( 4:37 )

Total Time : 62:51

Recorded live at Club Nova 2, Ignacio, California, August 2, 1989

Line-up / Musicians

Frank Gambale / guitar, voice on Johnny Cat
Steve Smith / drums
Tom Coster / keyboards
Larry Schneider / saxophone
Larry Grenadier / acoustic bass
Tom Coster Jr. / additional keyboards on Johnny Cat

Vital Information - 2000 Live Around The World "Where We Come From" Tour '98 - '99.

A live album not to be missed, Live Around the World is a two-disc set full of funk, fusion, fiery fretwork, and just plain fun. It's obvious these guys are having the time of their lives, working and reworking material old and new. From the zydeco funkiness of "Swamp Stomp" to the Headhunters' era funk of "The Perfect Date," this music has a groove that won't let up. When Frank Gambale goes into the melody of Led Zeppelin's classic drum feature, "Moby Dick," it's over a Steve Smith swing/funk rhythm the likes of which John Bonham could never have imagined. A 15-minute "Mr P.C." resembles the Coltrane original only in the brief head before the band takes it to places previously unknown.
The group stretches out on most of the tracks here, and the foursome uses the time to shine individually and as a group. Gambale's fleet fingers are amazing, burning up the fretboard like Dimeola, Coryell, or McLaughlin, then delivering an extended slice of tasty Wes Montgomery smoothness that ought to get radio airplay on "First Thing This Morning." Tom Coster's Hammond B-3 is also in the front seat much of the time. He occasionally recalls Larry Young back in the Tony Williams Lifetime days, reminds listeners of his own great '70s work with Santana, and does a mean Jimmy Smith on "Listen Up" and "First Thing This Morning." For a change of pace, Coster turns the Santana classic "Europa" into an accordion love song out of a Paris bistro. On "It's a Jungle out There," bassman Baron Browne captures Black Market-era Jaco, while "Over and Out" is a hard driving jam à la Return to Forever. Steve Smith brought his personal fusion crusade out of the studio to eager crowds for the tour captured in this collection. Judging by the recorded results, it was a huge musical success.

Bass – Baron Browne
Drums – Steve Smith (5)
Guitar – Frank Gambale
Keyboards – Tom Coster
Track Listings:
Disc: 1
1. Dr. Demento
2. Moby Dick
3. Swamp Stomp
4. Cranial Jam
5. Happy House
6. Fortaleza
7. First Thing This Morning
8. The Perfect Date
9. It's A Jungle Out There
Disc: 2
1. The Drum Also Waltzes
2. Take Eight
3. Listen Up!
4. Europa
5. Do You Read Me?
6. Over And Out!
7. Mr. PC
8. Soulful Drums

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Lenny White - 1978 Streamline [EAC-Log-Que-Flac-Scan]

Lenny White - 1978 Streamline
Lenny White – drums, percussion, production
Chaka Khan – lead vocals (track 2)
Diane Reeves – vocals (track 4), background vocals
Don Blackman – vocals (track 6), keyboard, Minimoog (track 4), synthesizer (track 7), Rhodes piano (track 10), piano (track 11), organ (track 3)
Nick Moroch – guitar (except tracks 1, 3, 10)
Jamie Glaser – guitar (tracks 1, 3, 10)
Denzil Miller, Jr. – keyboard (track 8), Minimoog (track 9), rhythm arrangement (track 2)
Larry Dunn – Minimoog (track 1), synthesizer programming, production
Marcus Miller – bass

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Struttin'" Jamie Glaser 4:45
2. "Lady Madonna" John Lennon, Paul McCartney 3:54
3. "12 Bars From Mars" Nick Moroch 3:10
4. "Earthlings" Lenny White, Don Blackman 4:48
5. "Spazmo Strikes Again" White 0:25
6. "Time" Blackman 2:58
7. "Pooh Bear" White, Weldon Irvine 5:02
8. "Lockie's Inspiration" Denzil Miller, Jr. 0:41
9. "I'll See You Soon" White 6:30
10. "Night Games" Marcus Miller 3:58
11. "Cosmic Indigo" Blackman 0:50
Total length:

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Lenny White - 1975 Venusian Summer [EAC-Log-Que-Flac-Scans]

Lenny White - 1975 Venusian Summer

Tracklist / Personnel:
1 Chicken-Fried Steak
Bass – Doug Rauch Drums, Clavinet [Wandering Clavinet] – Lenny White Organ – Jimmy Smith Rhythm Guitar – Raymond Gomez*Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar – Doug Rodrigues Written-By – Doug Rauch, Doug Rodrigues

2 Away Go Troubles Down The Drain
Bass – Doug Rauch Drums – Lenny White Electric Piano, Clavinet – Onaje Allan Gumbs Organ – Weldon Irvine Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar – Doug Rodrigues Synthesizer [Minimoog], Organ – David Sancious Written-By, Arranged By – Doug Rauch, Doug Rodrigues, Lenny White

The Venusian Summer Suite
Orchestrated By – Tom Harrel*Written-By, Arranged By – Lenny White
3a Part 1. Sirenes
Arranged By [Brooklyn Syntharmonic Orchestra & Inner-mission Choir Orchestra Realizations By] – Patrick Gleeson Synthesizer [Eu Synthesizer, ARP 2600] – Peter Robinson Synthesizer [Eu Synthesizer, Minimoog, ARP 2500/2600, Oberheim, Digital Sequencer] – Patrick Gleeson Synthesizer [Minimoog, Eu Synthesizer, ARP 2600], Piano – Lenny White Synthesizer [Minimoog] – Tom Harrel*

3b Part 2. Venusian Summer
Bass – Doug Rauch Clavinet, Synthesizer [Minimoog] – Peter Robinson Drums, Bass [Snap Bass] – Lenny White Electric Piano, Piano – Onaje Allan Gumbs Flute – Hubert Laws Synthesizer [Eu Synthesizer, ARP 2600, Minimoog] – Patrick Gleeson Synthesizer [Minimoog] – David Sancious

4 Prelude To Rainbow Delta
Gong [Backwards Gong] – Dennis MacKay*Synthesizer [Eu Synthesizer], Arranged By [Orchestra Realizations] – Patrick Gleeson Timpani [Tympani], Snare [Snare Drum], Rototoms, Wood Block, Gong [Triangle Gong], Marimba, Cymbal [Suspended Cymbal] – Lenny White Written-By – Patrick Gleeson

5 Mating Drive
Bass – Doug Rauch Drums – Lenny White Electric Piano, Mellotron – Onaje Allan Gumbs Lead Guitar – Raymond Gomez*Organ – Khalid Yasin* Rhythm Guitar – Doug Rodrigues Written-By, Arranged By – Lenny White

6 Prince Of The Sea
Bass – Doug Rauch Drums, Gong – Lenny White Electric Guitar – Al DiMeola*, Larry Coryell Flugelhorn – Tom Harrel* Piano [Acoustic Piano], Electric Piano, Organ – Onaje Allan Gumbs Written-By, Arranged By – Lenny White

Network - 2001 Highly Committed Media Players [EAC-Log-Que-Flac-Scans]

Network - 2001 Highly Committed Media Players


Bass – Chris Laurence (tracks: 3), Laurence Cottle (tracks: 8), Wolfgang Schmid (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7)
Bass, Vocals – Jack Bruce (tracks: 5)
Drums – Steve Clarke (18) (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8)
Guitar – Larry Coryell (tracks: 1 to 5, 7,8)
Guitar [Right + Left] – Larry Coryell (tracks: 6)
Keyboards – Pete Jacobsen (tracks: 1 to 4, 7,8)
Organ – Pete Jacobsen (tracks: 5)
Trumpet – Ted Emmett (tracks: 1 to 5, 7,8)


1 Interstellar Overdrive
2 The Hellical Friction Principal
3 Dennis the Menace
4 Sitting on the Back of the Bus
5 Manic Depression
6 Larry's Tune
7 The Target Man
8 The Little Blue Book

Release Date: September 11, 2001

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Tommy Bolin - 1972 [1999] Energy

Energy were formed in 1971 in Boulder, Colorado when Tommy Bolin and Bobby Berge left Zephyr. The members in the most well-known lineup were:
Tommy Bolin: guitar
Jeff Cook: vocals, harmonica
Tom Stephenson: keyboards, vocals
Stanley Sheldon: bass
Bobby Berge: drums
Other players included:
Kenny Passarelli: first bassist (quickly left to join Joe Walsh)
Jeremy Steig: flute
Gary Wilson: first vocalist (replaced by Jeff Cook)
Max Gronenthal: keyboards, vocals (replaced Jeff Cook and Tom Stephenson)
Russell Bizzett: drums (after Bobby left, then second drummer after Bobby returned)
Archie Shelby: percussion (intermittent)


1 Red Skies 8:19
2 Heartlight 4:23
3 Hok-O-Hey 7:16
4 Got No Time For Trouble 5:01
5 Limits 4:52
6 Eyes Of Blue 2:59
7 Dreamer 5:08
8 Miss Christmas 4:18
9 Naked Edge 14:16
10 Sky Sail 5:28

Lenny White - 1977 Big City [EAC Log Que Scans]

On his second solo album, Big City, Return to Forever drummer Lenny White leads an all-star cast on a jaunt through the diverse worlds of jazz fusion. The title track is a groove-oriented monster that unites the Brian Auger Oblivion Express with the Tower of Power horn section. While "Sweet Dreamer" is a soft ballad that features the singing of Linda Tillery, and "Rapid Transit" is a study in funk built around the bass playing of Verdine White, both songs benefit from the presence of Herbie Hancock on electric piano. Not to be forgotten, Lenny White shows off his penchant for sharp and accelerated drum cadences on interludes titled "Egypt" and "Ritmo Loco." Yet his leanings towards rock are taken a bit too far with Ray Gomez and Neal Schon trading epic guitar solos on "Dreams Come and Go Away" as well as "And We Meet Again." Fortunately the gap between sonic freak-outs is bridged by the exceptional "Enchanted Pool Suite," which features Miroslav Vitous on acoustic bass, Jerry Goodman on violin, and Jan Hammer on Minimoog.

Tracks Listing
A1 Big City 5:22
A2 Sweet Dreamer 4:42
A3.1 Egypt 1:00
A3.2 Nocturne 1:24
A4 Rapid Transit 3:59
A5 Ritmo Loco 1:08

B1 Dreams Come And Go Away 3:34
Enchanted Pool Suite
B2.1 Prelude 1:31
B2.2 Part I 2:18
B2.3 Part II 5:39
B3 And We Meet Again 6:41 

Line-up / Musicians Greg Adams Trumpet
Lamar Alsop Violin, Viola
Brian Auger Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
Raymond Beckenstein Flute
Don Blackman Performer
Alex Blake Bass
Al Brown Viola
Emilio Castillo Sax (Tenor)
Clive Chaman Bass
Louis Colin Harp
Michael Comins Violin
Harry Cykman Violin
Harvey Estrin Flute
Barry Finclair Violin
Paul Gershman Violin
Mike Gibbs Piano, Orchestration
Mic Gillette Trombone, Trumpet
Patrick Gleeson Synthesizer, Keyboards, Producer, Brass, Brass Arrangement, Arp Strings
Ray Gomez Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Performer, Soloist
Jerry Goodman Violin
Onaje Allan Gumbs Piano, Keyboards
Jan Hammer Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Mini Moog
Herbie Hancock Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
Paul Jackson, Jr. Bass
Paul Jackson Bass
David Earle Johnson Conga
Gary King Bass, Drums
Harold Kohon Violin
Stephen "Doc" Kupka Sax (Baritone)
Lennox Laington Conga
Walter Levinsky Flute
Jesse Levy Cello
Alex Ligertwood Guitar
Guy Lumia Violin
Bennie Maupin Saxophone, Sax (Soprano)
Charles McCracken Cello
Homer Mensch Double Bass
Marcus Miller Bass
Jack Mills Guitar, Soloist
Marin Morganstern Violin
Marvin Morgenstern Violin
David Nadien Violin
Lenny Pickett Sax (Tenor), Lyricon, Soloist
John Pintavalle Violin
Max Pollikoff Violin
Neal Schon Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Soloist
Alan Shulman Cello
Linda Tillery Vocals
Tower of Power Horn
Miroslav Vitous Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Lenny White Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Arranger, Conga, Drums, Keyboards, Timbales, Moog Synthesizer, Producer, Oberheim, Horn Arrangements, Roto Toms, Announcer, Mini Moog, Arp Strings, Moog Drum
Verdine White Bass 

Lenny White - 1978 Astral pirates [EAC Log Que Scans]

1 Prelude: Theme For Astral Pirates 1:20
2 Pursuit 2:58
3 Mandarin Warlords 5:06
4 The Great Pyramid 2:30
5 Universal Love 3:30
6 Remenbering 0:34
7 Revelation 3:25
8 Stew, Cabbage And Galactic Beans 3:51
9 Heavy Metal Monster 4:39
10 Assault 3:36
11 Climax: Theme For Astral Pirates 7:42

Bass - Alex Blake
Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer - Lenny White
Guitar [Lead] - Nick Moroch
Guitar [Rhythm] - Jeff Sigman
Keyboards, Vocals - Don Blackman
Synthesizer [Programming] - Patrick Gleeson

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Miles Davis - 1974 [1991] Big Fun

Great Expectations
Bass – Ron CarterBass [Fender] – Harvey BrooksBass Clarinet – Bennie MaupinDrums – Billy CobhamElectric Guitar – John McLaughlinElectric Piano – Chick Corea, Herbie HancockPercussion – Airto MoreiraSitar [Electric], Tambura – Bihari Sharma, Khalil BalakrishnaSoprano Saxophone – Steve Grossman

Bass – Michael HendersonClarinet, Flute – Bennie MaupinDrums – Al Foster, Billy HartPercussion [African] – James "Mtume" Forman*Piano – Harold I. Williams*, Lonnie SmithSoprano Saxophone – Carlos GarnettSoprano Saxophone, Flute – Sonny FortuneTabla – Badal Roy

Go Ahead John
Bass – Dave HollandDrums – Jack DeJohnetteElectric Guitar – John McLaughlinSaxophone – Steve Grossman
Lonely Fire
Bass – Dave HollandBass [Fender] – Harvey BrooksBass Clarinet – Bennie MaupinDrums – Billy Cobham, Jack DeJohnetteElectric Piano – Chick CoreaElectric Piano, Organ [Farfisa] – Joe ZawinulInstruments [Indian] – Airto Moreira, Khalil BalakrishnaPercussion – Airto MoreiraSaxophone - Wayne Shorter


Great Expectations 27:34
Ife 21:33
Go Ahead John 28:26
Lonely Fire 21:21

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Frank Zappa - 1994 Apocrypha [4 CD Box]

Pt. 1:
Pt. 2:
Pt. 3:
Pt. 4:

Frank Zappa & The Mothers - 1970 A Snail In My Nose

A Snail in My Nose (CD)

  • Fillmore East OR West, 1970 (location & date fiercly debatable)
  • Re-issued on CD (Lost Rose 8)
  • Re-issued on CD as A Snail in My Nose (Teddy Bear Records TB 49 (Italy)), with the bar code 8 016607 942492
  • Also issued legally as part of the Beat the Boots II set
Length: 51:37
Sound quality: Soundboard A
Musicians: Frank Zappa, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jeff Simmons, Aynsley Dunbar, George Duke and Ian Underwood
This is the 14 tracks on the CD version:
1. Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You? (00:49) [intro]
2. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus (07:26)
3. Sleeping in a Jar / Interlude (04:50)
4. Sharleena (04:31)
5. The Sanzini Brothers / FZ Talking to Audience (02:22)
6. What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening? (02:30)
7. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? (01:44)
8. Bwana Dik (01:46)
9. Latex Solar Beef (01:00)
10. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (02:50)
11. Little House I Used to Live in [including "Penis Dimension"] (04:10)
12. Holiday in Berlin [with lyrics!] [including "Would You Like a Snack?"] (04:29)
13. Instrumental [including "Inca Roads" & "Easy Meat"] (07:16)
14. Cruising For Burgers (02:46)
The Italian title comes from a 1980s number in the Uncle Meat movie and on the Uncle Meat CD re-issue; an Italian has translated it as "I got a big bunch of dick". An Italian re-issue is cowardly renamed A Snail in My Nose.
This seems to be hodge-podged together from tapes of two shows that night (that goes also for the Freaks & Motherfuckers boot). Tracks 1-5 are probably from the early show and tracks 8-14 from the late show (?). Tracks 6-7 could be from both. The "Interlude" includes "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", and track 13 includes 40 seconds of "Inca Roads" (a very early version, of course, with only the 16th-note theme) and 24 seconds of "Easy Meat". Around the track break between tracks 11 and 12 there are some "Mudshark Variations".
"Sharleena" is the same performance as on Hotel Dixie. Tracks 11-14 are the same recording as side two of Freaks & Motherfuckers and Hotel Dixie.
The location and date of this show is up for grabs. Beat the Boots claims it as Fillmore East 11-May-1970, which is wrong; the Flo & Eddie band had not been formed then. According to fanzine T'Mershi Duween, the tape the boots are struck from is recorded at the Fillmore West and sometimes identified as 24-May-1970, sometimes as 6-Nov-1970. (As Mike Phillips points out, Zappa does talk about "the speech-impediment lounge at the Fillmore East" during "Does This Kind of Life Look Interesting to You?".) Some people identify them as 14-Dec-1970, but according to Miles' book A Visual Documentary, Zappa was in Europe in December 1970, which has given rise to the date 14-Nov-1970. The Hotel Dixie boot claims to be from that date - but is it the same recording? Pick your favourite.
A Snail in My Nose has a different, imagainative track listing on the cover, but everyone says its a copy of Tengo 'na Minchia Tanta. The cover picture is a black and white snail on a colourful background. The Lost Rose CD cover has a sepia head-and-upper-body photo of Zappa playing guitar with a blurred portrait of him in the background.

Frank Zappa - 1973 Around The World

Around the World (CD)

Label: All of Us Records (Italy) AS 46
Bar code: 8 016108 093464
Musicians: Frank Zappa, Ian Underwood, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Bruce Fowler, Tom Fowler, Jean-Luc Ponty, Ralph Humphrey and Irma Coffee
The CD is tracked like this (maybe with index numbers):
1. Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up [instrumental, listed as "The Tango"] / Dupree's Paradise Story [listed as "Dupree's Paradise Lounge"] (18:13)
2. Penguin in Bondage / T'Mershi Duween / Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat (11:13)
3. Father O'Blivion [Stage #6 version] / Don't Eat the Yellow Snow / Nanook Rubs It / St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast (15:24)
4. Guitar Event (04:40)
5. "Beebop and Tango Dance Contest" / Tango Variations (12:47)
  • "Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up" live in Wayne, New Jersey, 11-Nov-1973 (early show) with Irma Coffee on guest vocals.
  • "Dupree's Paradise" live at the Avery Hall in New York, 22-Nov-1973.
  • Track 2 live in Los Angeles, or at the Roxy (of Roxy & Elsewhere fame) in December 1973.
  • Track 3 live at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, 24-Jun-1973. "Father O'Blivion" has been officially released on Stage #6.
  • Track 4 live at the Boston music hall, 08-May-1973.
  • Track 5 (maybe not all of it) is live, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 18-Nov-1973.

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Brand X - 2014 - Albums Collection 1976-1980 (6 Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Music Japan)

Brand X - 1980 Do They Hurt (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

Do They Hurt? (1980) is an album by British jazz fusion group Brand X. The tracks on this album are outtakes from the Product sessions. ("Noddy Goes to Sweden" was a B-side from Product.)

Track listing

Side one

  1. "Noddy Goes to Sweden" (Jones) – 4:30
  2. "Voidarama" (Goodsall) – 4:21
  3. "Act of Will" (Goodsall) – 4:43
  4. "Fragile" (Jones, Robinson) – 5:26

Side two

  1. "Cambodia" (Goodsall) – 4:31
  2. "Triumphant Limp" (Goodsall, Giblin, Lumley, Collins) – 7:34
  3. "D.M.Z." (Jones) – 8:39


A1 - A3 - A4 - B1 - B3
A2 - B2


  • Robin Lumley (2002): "To this day I can proudly count Michael Palin and Terry Jones as good pals! I got Mike to do the sleeve notes on "Do They Hurt ?" (which is itself a line from Holy Grail (witch sequence)... He wanted 25 pence for writing the notes... Charisma didn't pay him so he threatened to sue! (a joke of course)".
  • "Act of Will" is sung through a vocoder. John Goodsall himself said, in a private e-mail, that there were never any written lyrics. Various attempts have been made to puzzle out what he is saying, but the words are likely similar to Masoko Tanga by The Police and are not always words.
  • This album consists of out-takes from the Product sessions. Because "Noddy Goes to Sweden" was included on this album, the song "Pool Room Blues" gains the distinction of being the only non-album Brand X song.


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Brand X - 1979 Product (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

Product is an album by British jazz fusion group Brand X, originally released in 1979.

Track listing


Side one

  1. "Don't Make Waves" (Goodsall) – 5:28
  2. "Dance of the Illegal Aliens" (Jones) – 7:50
  3. "Soho" (Goodsall, Collins) – 3:38
  4. "...And So to F..." (Collins) – 6:29

Side two

  1. "Algon (Where an Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs £8,000,000,000)" (Lumley) – 6:10
  2. "Rhesus Perplexus" (Giblin) – 3:59
  3. "Wal to Wal / Not Good Enough - See Me!" – 10:44
    1. "Wal to Wal" (Jones, Giblin)
    2. "Not Good Enough - See Me!" (Jones, Robinson)
  4. "April" (Giblin) – 2:36


  1. "Don't Make Waves" (Goodsall) – 5:31
  2. "Dance of the Illegal Aliens" (Jones) – 7:49
  3. "Soho" (Goodsall, Collins) – 3:40
  4. "Not Good Enough-See Me!" (Jones, Robinson) – 7:29
  5. "Algon (Where an Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs £8,000,000,000)" (Lumley) – 6:08
  6. "Rhesus Perplexus" (Giblin) – 4:00
  7. "Wal to Wal" (Jones, Giblin) – 3:14
  8. "...And So to F..." (Collins) – 6:28
  9. "April" (Giblin) – 2:08


except on "Dance of the Illegal Aliens"; "Wal to Wal"; "Not Good Enough - See Me!"

on "Dance of the Illegal Aliens"; "Not Good Enough - See Me!"

on "Wal to Wal"


  • The song "Wal to Wal" is the first recorded song on which Phil Collins used a Roland drum machine. (The first recorded Genesis song on which he used a drum machine is Duchess.)
  • Both "Don't Make Waves" and "Soho" were released as singles.
  • The non-album song "Pool Room Blues" was used as a B-side to one of the singles. "Genocide of the Straights" is another non-album track that failed to make the cut on Livestock, yet was included on a 1977 EP titled 'X-cerpts - 3 from "Livestock" + 1'.
  • Various releases of the album switch the track list with "...And So to F..." and "Not Good Enough - See Me!"


Brand X - 1978 Masques (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

Masques is the 1978 album by the British jazz fusion group Brand X. This was the band's first studio recording without drummer Phil Collins. The rear of the album cover has a photo of the crowd from the Knebworth Festival, 1978 — a bill that included both Brand X and Genesis, Collins' other band.

Track listing

Side one
  1. "The Poke" (Goodsall) - 5:10
  2. "Masques" (Jones, Robinson) - 3:16
  3. "Black Moon" (Pert) - 4:48
  4. "Deadly Nightshade" (Pert) - 11:22
Side two
  1. "Earth Dance" (Pert) - 6:06
  2. "Access to Data" (Goodsall) - 8:00
  3. "The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge" (Jones) - 10:17



  • "The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge" is based on a true story (see this page for more info) about a carriage house where Percy Jones was staying which was said to be haunted.
  • This album is the first album on which Percy Jones played the fretless Wal bass, which became his trademark sound.


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Brand X - 1977 Moroccan Roll (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

Moroccan Roll (1977) is the second studio album by British jazz fusion group Brand X. The title is a pun referring to this being their second album: "more rock and roll", however, Moroccan Roll is not a step toward the rock & roll side of the fusion equation, but rather an experiment with Eastern sounds and softer textures.[2] The album is mostly instrumental; only "Sun in the Night" is sung by Phil Collins.

Track listing

Side one

  1. "Sun in the Night" (Goodsall) – 4:25
  2. "Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)..." (Collins) – 11:16
  3. "...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine after All" (Collins) – 2:10
  4. "Hate Zone" (Goodsall) – 4:41
  5. "Collapsar" (Lumley) – 1:33

Side two

  1. "Disco Suicide" (Lumley) – 7:55
  2. "Orbits" (Jones) – 1:38
  3. "Malaga Virgen" (Jones) – 8:28
  4. "Macrocosm" (Goodsall) – 7:24



  • Produced by Dennis MacKay
  • Engineered and mixed by 'Perdurabo' Stephen W. Tayler
  • Mastered by Ray Staff
  • Album artwork by Hipgnosis


Year Chart Position
1977 UK Album Chart 37[3]


  • Connolly, Dave. "Moroccan Roll - Brand X | AllMusic". Retrieved 18 June 2011.


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    Brand X - 1977 Livestock (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

    Livestock is a live album by British jazz fusion group Brand X released in 1977. The album has five tracks. It is the first album on which Kenwood Dennard appears as a replacement drummer for Phil Collins on two of the five tracks.

    Track listing

    Side one

    1. "Nightmare Patrol" (Goodsall, Dennard) – 7:40
    2. "-Ish" (Goodsall, Lumley, Jones, Pert, Collins) – 8:11
    3. "Euthanasia Waltz" (Goodsall, Jones, Lumley, Collins) – 5:12

    Side two

    1. "Isis Mourning (Part 1 & 2)" (Goodsall, Jones, Lumley, Pert, Collins) – 9:58
      • Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London - September 1976
    2. "Malaga Virgen" (Jones) – 8:45
      • Hammersmith Odeon, London - August 5, 1977



    Mixed at Trident Studios, London, August 1977.
    • Engineer – Jerry Smith
    • Assistants – John Brand, Steve Short, Neil Ross
    • Sleeve design and photos by Hipgnosis
    • Equipment – Steve Hall, Pete Donovan

    X-CERPTS: 3 From Livestock + 1

    A 12" record, titled X-CERPTS: 3 From Livestock + 1, was released including edited versions of three tracks from Livestock and a new track.
    Side I: Nightmare Patrol - 3:17; Genocide of The Straights - 2:50 (Goodsall/Jones/Lumley/Pert/Collins)
    Side II: Euthanasia Waltz - 3:25; Malaga Virgen - 3:20


    1. "allmusic ((( Livestock > Overview )))". Retrieved 2010-01-09.

    External links

    Brand X - 1976 Unorthodox Behaviour (Mini LP SHM-CD Universal Japan 2014)

    Unorthodox Behaviour is the first album by British jazz fusion group Brand X. It peaked at 191 on The Billboard 200 in 1976, the same year it was released.[3]


    This album combines jazz fusion with some elements of progressive rock, influenced by their drummer Phil Collins, shows extensive use of improvisation in the extended pieces, which is common in both genres of music. The melody is mainly supported by guitar and bass, most notably on the opening track. Collins' drum work is very fast and rhythmic and shows a difference in his style from his main band Genesis. Tracks like "Nuclear Burn" and "Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria" are often cited as a showcase for his drum work.[4]

    Track listing

    Side one

    1. "Nuclear Burn" (Brand X) – 6:23
    2. "Euthanasia Waltz" (Lumley) – 5:42
    3. "Born Ugly" (Brand X) – 8:18

    Side two

    1. "Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria" (Goodsall) – 4:30
    2. "Unorthodox Behaviour" (Brand X) – 8:29
    3. "Running on Three" (Jones) – 4:38
    4. "Touch Wood" (Brand X) – 3:03


    Additional personnel

    Release information

    Year Type Label Catalog # Country
    1976 LP Charisma CAS 1117 UK
    1976 LP Passport Records PB 9819 US
    1976 LP Charisma 6369 977 Netherlands
    1989 CD Virgin CASCD 1117 UK
    1998 CD Caroline Blue Plate CAROL 1387-2 US
    2006 CD Toshiba EMI Ltd VJCP-68782 Japan



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    Saturday, November 15, 2014

    Wes Montgomery - 1966 [1999] Tequila

    1. Tequila 3:23
    2. Little Child (Daddy Dear) 2:30
    3. What The World Needs Now Is Love 5:00...
    4. The Big Hurt 4:34
    5. Bumpin' On Sunset 4:52
    6. Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Album Version) 3:47
    7. The Thumb 4:51
    8. Midnight Mood 5:36
    9. Wives And Lovers 3:00
    10. Tequila 2:41
    11. The Big Hurt 3:30
    12. Bumpin' On Sunset

    Guitar – Wes Montgomery
    Bass – Ron Carter
    Cello – Abe Kessler, Charles McCracken, George Ricci, Harvey Shapiro
    Congas – Ray Barretto
    Design [Cover] – Acy Lehman
    Drums – Grady Tate
    Engineer [Director] – Val Valentin
    Engineer, Mastered By – Rudy Van Gelder
    Photography By [Cover] – Rudy Lequame
    Producer – Creed Taylor
    Vibraphone – George Devens
    Violin – Arnold Eidus, Bernard Eichen, Emanuel Green, Gene Orloff, Harry Lookofsky, Joe Malin, Julius Held, Paul Gershman

    Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, on March 17, 21, & May 18, 1966.

    Monday, November 10, 2014

    Christian McBride Band - 2000 Sci-Fi

    Christian McBride Band - 2000 Sci-Fi

    McCoy Tyner - 2000 McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clarke and Al Foster

    McCoy Tyner - 2000 McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clarke and Al Foster

    Dust - 1971 [1992] Dust

    Dust was formed in the late 1960s by Richie Wise and two teenagers, Kenny Aaronson and Marc Bell. Additionally, Kenny Kerner wrote the group's lyrics, and acted as their producer and manager. Their debut album was released on Kama Sutra Records in 1971, followed by a sophomore release on the same label the following year. While the group only released these two albums, they later became of interest to collectors interested in early American heavy metal.

    Richie Wise - guitar, vocals
    Kenny Aaronson - bass
    Marc Bell - drums

    Track listing:
    1. "Stone Woman" 4:03
    2. "Chasin' Ladies" 3:39
    3. "Goin' Easy" 4:30
    4. "Love Me Hard" 5:30
    5. "From a Dry Camel" 9:52
    6. "Often Shadows Felt" 5:12
    7. "Loose Goose" 3:49

    Saturday, September 20, 2014