Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pat Martino - 1999 "Givin' Away The Store 3"

Pat Martino - 1999 Givin' Away The Store 3

Guitarist Pat Martino’s story is one of the most heartfelt in music today. After rising to incredible popularity in the 1970s, the Philadelphian suffered a brain aneurysm and subsequently dropped out of the music scene. Through a miraculous recovery, Martino learned to play the guitar once again and is now recording in the studio and playing live. This compilation is taken from Martino’s incredible 1970s work, which covers the many stages of Martino: the bebop of "The Visit" from Footprints (1972); the soul jazz of "Single Action" from Willis…..with Pat (1978); the ethereal duet with Gil Goldstein of "You Don’t Know What Love Is" on 1976’s We’ll Be Together Again, the endless live soloing of the interpretation of the popular pop song "Sunny" from 1974’s Head and Heart (This 32 album is actually a combination of Martino’s Live(1972) and Consciousness(1974)) ,and the post-bop that Martino became know for on "Benny Golson’s "I Remember Clifford" and the original "Slipback" from 1999’s Comin and Goin’ (A combination of Exit(1976) and The Return(1987)). There is also an example of Martino’s 1990s work with a version Miles Davis’ "Blue in Green" and his own "Nightwings" from 1999’s Mission Accomplished (A combination of Nightwings(1996) and Interchange(1994)). The two songs show his bebop and fusion sides and more importantly, that Pat is alive and well in his post aneurysm era.
 32 Jazz launched a retrospective series called Giving Away the Store. These are gateway recordings to an artist's entire catalog. Volume 3 is an introduction to Pat Martino. Jazz guitarist Martino is a technical virtuoso capable of great emotional expression. As with other recordings in the Giving Away the Store collection, this album serves as an excellent introduction for the uninitiated or a representative sampler for the knowledgeable fan.


  • The Visit
  • Blue in Green
  • Single Action
  • Nightwings
  • You Don't Know What Love Is
  • Along Came Betty
  • Sunny
  • I Remember Clifford
  • Slipback

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