Monday, September 15, 2014

Gongzilla - 1995 "Suffer"

Yeah I now, this release is a bit on the older side of things but great fusion is ageless and a joyful listen no matter when it is discovered. The group Gong has mutated itself gladly through an endless morph of musicians. From deep in the way-back machine’s files we find You with Steve Hillage on axe to its days with fusion legend Allan Holdsworth on Expresso and with Bon Lozaga riffing it up on Time is the Key the spectrum is spanned. Out of Gong’s forehead doth sprout Gongzilla — a delightful little fusion-critter of curious seeds.

This release, Suffer features Bon Lozaga and Allan Holdsworth on awesome guitars. Most compositions are very Gong-ish in the Expresso period and vibes/marimba by Gong-cornerstone band mate, Benoit Moerlen, firmly places the sound in Gongfusionland. Ex-Gonger, Hansford Rowe handles the basslines deftly. Bobby Thomas is primary percussion with Lionel Cordew, Vic Stevens, and Ben Perowsky, (Lost Tribe), on drums. Samuel Rowe does a 10-second long outro of French vox — a Gong-weirdism.

Eleven songs carry you through heavy-hitting fusion blow-outs, “Gongzilla”, to mellow jazz gems, “Sing”,, and even dreamy drifts, “Allan Qui?”, through introspective soundscapes. When you are about to pass out in somnambulistic bliss of Bon Lozaga’s guitar wizardry, Holdsworth explodes into his typical volcanic caldera of molten jazz rock. Excellent cut this “Allan Qui?” turns out to be! I cease praising this release. Go find out for yourself fusion fan. You won’t be disappointed.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Gongzilla (6:36)
2. Bad Habits (3:28)
3. Sing (4:28)
4. Gongzilla's Dilemma (5:17)
5. Mr. Sinister Minister (4:50)
6. Almost You (4:12)
7. Mezzanine (4:15)
8. Hip-Hopnosis (6:48)
9. Allan Qui? (7:22)
10. Senna (4:56)
11. Camel (0:24)

Total Time: 52:00

Line-up / Musicians 
- Hansford Rowe / basses
- Bon Lozaga / guitars & e-bow
- Benoit Moerlin / vibes & marimba
- Bobby Thomas / percussion
- Lionel Cordew / drums

- Allan Holdsworth / guitars (on 1, 2, 6, & 9)
- Vic Stevens / drums (on 9 & 10)
- Ben Perowsky / drums (on 5)
- Samuel Rowe / vocalize (on 10)