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Dennis Chambers - 2002 "Outbreak"

Dennis Chambers - 2002 Outbreak [FLAC]

Drummer Dennis Chambers is a first-call session ace who is comfortable within a variety of settings and/or genres. He has also evolved into one of the most admired drummers on the globe due to his high-powered polyrhythmic funk beats and supercharged sense of swing. In short, he's a dynamo! With his second solo release, he enlists his former boss, guitarist John Scofield, amid jazz superstars such as brothers Michael (sax) and Randy (trumpet) Brecker among others. Here, Chambers drives it all home via his now infamous attack, consisting of complexly woven tom fills and snappy, funk-drenched rhythms. Much of the credit should be directed towards arranger/producer/keyboardist Jim Beard, who once again demonstrates his prowess for achieving the desired effects. On the piece titled "Otay," fusion bassist extraordinaire Gary Willis leads the way via his impossibly fast lines in concert with Scofield's sinewy plucking and Chambers' sweeping funk pulses. Some of these works are marked by the Brecker Brothers' chirpy unison choruses and the ensemble's morphing of gospel, fusion, and jazz-based grooves. Through it all, Chambers' presence is undeniably felt, while this outing also benefits from strong material and the soloists' zestful endeavors.
Gary Willis is a breath of fresh air, particularly his wild, doinky sounds on "Baltimore, DC" and his infectiously burbling "Otay" intro. Jim Beard's keys are the real catalyst behind many tracks, and his "Roll Call" is one of the best selections. Bobby Malach's bass sax is a surprise on the closing James Brown tune, as is the humorous, choppy solo by John Scofield that follows. Chambers himself is in best form on "Otay," the slow and gripping "Paris On Mine," and Sly Stone's "In Time." Though it often seems the bandleader's spotlight has been commandeered by the sidemen, Chambers and friends have still turned in a highly entertaining show that's worth the price.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1.Roll Call (05:21)
2.Otay (07:03)
3.Groovus Interruptus (05:19)
4.Paris on Mine (06:08)
5.In Time (06:08)
6.Plan B (04:31)
7.Outbreak (10:59)
8.Baltimore, D.C. (05:46)
9.Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin' (06:01)

Total Time 56:36

Line-up / Musicians
- Dennis Chambers / drums
- Jim Beard / keyboards
- John Scofield / guitar
- Michael Brecker / tenor sax
- Randy Brecker / trumpet
- Bobby Marach / baritone sax, tenor sax
- Jon Herington / guitar
- Nick Moroch / guitar
- Dean Brown / guitar, bass
- Will Lee / bass
- Gary Willis / bass
- Rodney "Skeet" Curtis / bass
- Matthew Garrison / bass
- Danny Sadownick / percussion
- Arto Tuncboyaciyan / percussion
- Michael Davis / trombone
- Jim Hynes, Aaron Heick / alto sax

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