Saturday, August 8, 2015

Larry Coryell-Alphonse Mouzon - 1977 [2013] "Back Together Again"

After going their separate ways upon the breakup of the Eleventh House, guitarist Larry Coryell, and drummer Alphonse Mouzon teamed up again for what turned out to be a disappointing reunion. This despite the added presence of guitarist Philip Catherine. The same high energy fusion that made each player so popular is on display here, but so is Mouzon's infatuation with disco. "Beneath the Earth," "Transvested Express," and "High Love" contain some impressive playing. Truly an incendiary slice of mid 70's fusion, Mouzon and Coryell both at the very top of their game. These sessions were rounded out by Phil Catherine on 2nd guitar and John Lee on bass, both fusion players of the first order. Couple of simple vocals near the end of this disc but this album is all about the PLAYING !

Tracks Listing

1. Beneath The Earth (3:03)
2. Phonse, The (3:48)
3. Transvested Express (3:51)
4. Crystallization (3:19)
5. Rock 'N' Roll Lovers (4:04)
6. Get On Up (We're Gonna Boogie) (2:50)
7. Reconciliation (2:34)
8. Back Together Again (3:05)
9. Mr. C (3:28)
10. High Love (5:51)

Total Time 35:53

Line-up / Musicians

- Larry Coryell / electric & acoustic guitars
- Philip Catherine / electric & acoustic guitars
- Alphonse Mouzon / drums, vocals
- John Lee / bass, vocals
- Cheryl P. Alexander / back-up vocals
- Tawatha Agee / back-up vocals


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  3. OMFG!!!!!!!! this is the disk that for me ranked Larry with Mahavishnu John and the other fusion greats! A GREAT fusion disk! to the best of my knowledge, the first cd release of this. It'd be nice to find a lp rip of this though...