Sunday, August 9, 2015

John Abercrombie - 1975 "Timeless"

Guitarist John Abercrombie's first in a long line of recordings for ECM was also his debut as a leader. Teamed up with Jan Hammer (who here plays organ, synthesizer, and piano) and drummer Jack DeJohnette, Abercrombie plays four of his originals, plus two by Hammer. These performances differ from many of the guitarist's later ECM dates in that Hammer injects a strong dose of fusion into the music, and there is plenty of spirited interplay between those two with fine support by DeJohnette. Thought-provoking and occasionally exciting music that generally defies categorization.

The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4½ stars calling it "Thought-provoking and occasionally exciting music that generally defies categorization".[1] The Penguin Guide to Jazz awarded the album 4 stars noting "There's more filigree than flash on the early Timeless and it's left to DeJohnette and the underrated Hammer to give the set the propulsion it calls for... this is a session that has grown in stature with familiarity, an altogether tougher and more resilient label debut than anyone remembers".[2] The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide said "Hammer especially plays with astounding fire and grace on this session, some of the finest organ playing he's recorded"

Track listing

  1. "Lungs" – 12:10 (Hammer)
  2. "Love Song" – 4:35 (Abercrombie)
  3. "Ralph's Piano Waltz" – 4:55 (Abercrombie)
  4. "Red and Orange" – 5:24 (Hammer)
  5. "Remembering" – 4:33 (Abercrombie)
  6. "Timeless" – 11:57 (Abercrombie)


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