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Santana, Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather - 1987 [1992] "Lotus Gem"

In 1986 Steve Lukather played as a guest guitarist at the Lotus Gem
concert with the Santana Band and the Jeff Beck Band (with Simon
Phillips on drums). Another boost for Lukather, to play together with
one of his 'masters' (next to for example Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page,
Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour). You can
hear clearly that Santana was easily played away by Lukather. The
competition between Lukather and Jeff Beck was more complicated. In a
speed boogie like Freeway jam or Super boogie there's the pointed, sharp
 sound of Jeff Beck and the more sliding sound of Lukather. It's obvious
 that Beck doesn't matter to give in his stability in search for
creative and unexpected peaks. Lukather on the other hand plays like the
 talented, skilled professional, the craftsman with his own style and a
big sound. The choice is yours.

Track listing:

CD 1
01 - Into/Primaera Invasion (Santana)
02 - Black Magic Woman (Santana)
03 - Open Invitation (Santana, Lukather)
04 - Starcycle (Beck)
05 - Cause It Ended For Lovers (Beck)
06 - Wild Thing (Beck)
07 - Freeway jam (Beck, Lukather)
08 - Going Down (Beck, Lukather)
09 - Escape (Beck, Lukather)

CD 2
01 - Super Boogie (Santana, Beck, Lukather)
02 - Lotus Blues (Santana, Beck, Lukather)
03 - People Get Ready (Santana, Beck, Lukather)
04 - Johnny B. Goode (Santana, Beck, Lukather)
05 - Goodbye porkpie Hat (Beck)
06 - Love will (Beck)
07 - Ambitious (Santana, Beck)
08 - Stop look and listen (Santana, Beck)
09 - Blue wind (Santana, Beck)


Steve Lukather - Guitars
Carlos Santana - Guitars
Jeff Beck - Guitars

Beck's band:
Jan Hammer - Keyboards
Simon Phillips - Drums
Jimmy Hall Vocals & Sax
Doug Wimbish - Bass

Santana's band:
George Miles - Vocals
Chester Thompson - Keyboards
Armando Peraza - Congas
Orestes Vilato - Timbales
Tom Coster - Keyboards
Graham Lear - Drums
Paul Rekow – Percussion

June 1 Sun,1986: Suntory Beer Sound Market '86. Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Karuizawa, Japan

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