Monday, August 10, 2015

Billy Cobham - 1974 [2007] "Shabazz" [24bit Remastered]

Shabazz captures Cobham's Total Eclipse band in a live setting, and contains two originals, "Shabazz" and "Tenth Pin." The other two songs, "Taurian Matador" and "Red Baron," which debuted on Cobham's classic recording, Spectrum, are given an impressive update. All of the songs are blowing sessions allowing each musician ample time to develop their ideas. Cobham attacks his drums with a vengeance on the introduction to "Shabazz" and on his powerful solo for "Tenth Pin." This is a good, old-fashioned blowing session that captures one of Cobham's best bands at their peak.

Recorded in July 74 at the Rainbow in London and at the Montreux Music Festival (A2), with practically the same line-up of that year Total Eclipse, this album comprises two revised versions from BC best selling “Spectrum” and two long tracks apparently written for this band and this tour since they only appear in this album;
Randy Brecker wah-wah treated trumpet and Milcho Leviev moog excursions shine on the title track, a powerful theme that begins after a thundering Cobham introduction, but whose long jam feels hesitant sometimes;
The revised versions of “Taurian Matador” – Michael Brecker delivers a blistering sax solo and Milcho Leviev Rhodes is in true George Duke funky fashion – and “Red Baron”- here shine Glenn Ferris trombone and Abercrombie guitar- are exactly what one would expect from such an illustrious batch of musicians, relentless fiery Funky Fusion.
Tenth Pinn has a furious BC drum opening and a grandiose hi-speed theme and then over an unstoppable but at times restrained in the sound level BC, has Ferris trombone and again an electronically treated trumpet giving cards before the theme shortly resumes before BC takes centre stage for a drum solo with highs and lows that finishes the record;
Suffering from an only average recording quality and some lack of confidence (or rehearsing) on the new themes, this is nevertheless a very pleasant listening.

Tracks Listing 
1. Shabazz (13:49)
2. Taurian Matador (Revised) (5:27)
3. Red Baron (6:38)
4. Tenth Pinn (13:58)

Total Time: 40:23

Line-up / Musicians
- Billy Cobham / Drums, Percussion
- Alex Blake / Bass
- John Abercrombie / Guitar
- Milcho Leviev / Keyboards
- Michael Brecker / Saxophone
- Randy Brecker / Trumpet
- Glen Ferris / Trombone



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