Friday, August 14, 2015

Gregg Bissonette - 2000 "Submarine"

Gregg Bissonette is a journeyman rock and jazz drummer with a resumé that includes work done with Carlos Santana, David Lee Roth, Maynard Ferguson, and more. A diverse and hardworking talent, he telescopes those incredibly different styles and interests into this eclectic solo album. This is Bissonette working with ten world-renowned guitarists. Among the guests are Joe Satriani, Robben Ford, Steve Vai, and more. The tracks vary from jazz fusion to modern rock. Bissonette also contributes lead vocals, trumpet, and percussion outside the kit drums.

Submarine has cool tunes, in a variety of styles: From fusion to latin to beatlesque melodic rock - in a heavier King's X kind of way-. Great production and amazing playing from all the stellar guests (The A-list from the Guitar World). Greg Bissonette shows not only his renowned technique, but also great taste and finesse. Highly recommended for instrumental rock/fusion fans.

Gregg Bissonette is an excelent drummer. He makes some really interesting breaks and figures that I haven't heard from anyone else and the songs are very good. His brother Matt also knows how to set the groove and the guest guitarists are all top notch. Gregg is not a great singer but he does his best and, the good thing is that the song is almost instrumental except for three songs.
If you're into new drumming tecniques and more of the sort, you should check this one out, and, besides, there are some nice songs in here that not only showcase the musicianship (which is excelent) but also include some nice melodies.


1. Marbles - (featuring Frank Gambale)
2. Submarine - (featuring Doug Bossi)
3. No Hay Parqueo - (featuring Gary Hoey/David Garfield)
4. Lum Lum - (featuring Joe Satriani)
5. Train to Willoughby - (featuring Steve Stevens)
6. Noah's Ark - (featuring Steve Vai)
7. Cloudy Day - (featuring Robben Ford)
8. Son Man, The - (featuring Tim Pierce)
9. Sasquatch - (featuring Mike Landau)
10. 12 to 3 - (featuring Matt Bissonette)
11. So Many Notes & So Little Time - (featuring Richie Kotzen)

Gregg Bissonette (vocals, trumpet, drums, percussion); Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Gambale, Doug Bossi, Gary Hoey, Steve Stevens, Robben Ford, Tim Pierce, Mike Landau, Richie Kotzen (guitar); Matt Bissonette (trombone, piano, acoustic, fretted & fretless electric basses, background vocals); David Garfield (piano, organ); Kathy Bissonette (background vocals).

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