Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kevin Eubanks - 1986 "Face to Face"

Kevin Eubanks' first album with a string section is a triumph of good taste, both in the guitarist's gently swinging work and in GRP chief Dave Grusin's unobtrusive, intelligent, unsentimental string charts. Grusin's gorgeously recorded strings seem to seep into the texture, filling the spaces with just enough mortar. The backings alternate between an electric group -- with Marcus Miller on bass and Grusin applying the Yamaha DX7 electric piano sound -- and often just Ron Carter on acoustic bass (plus the strings, of course). The treatment of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave" is a beaut, with a lot of rapid acoustic guitar figurework in mid-track. Even unreconstructed beboppers will enjoy the fluid duo-only exchange between Carter's 4/4 bass and Eubanks' electric guitar on Wes Montgomery's "The Trick Bag" and Bird's "Relaxin' at Camarillo," the latter of which Eubanks immodestly calls attention to in his liner notes. But he's entitled; it is impressive.  All Music.

This is nice basic jazz. Some classics are played, like "that's what friends are for", "wave" -originally by A. Carlos Jobim, and "Moments aren't moments" originally by stevie wonder. Dave Grusin is on keys, Marcus Miller on Elec. Bass, Ralph McDonald on Percussion, Paulinho Braga on percussion, Buddy Williams on drums ,Ron carter on stand up bass.Kevin Eubanks does a fine job leading with electic and acoustic guitar.  By eagle spirit.

Track Listing :

1. Face To Face (Kevin Eubanks) 5:25
2. That's What Friends Are For  (Burt Bacharach)  5:05
3. Essence  (Kevin Eubanks)  5:22
4. A Silent Waltz  (Kevin Eubanks)  4:54
5. Moments Aren't Moments  (Stevie Wonder)  5:30
6. Wave  (Antonio Carlos Jobim)  3:17
7. Relaxin' At Camarillo  (Charlie Parker)  3:17
8. Ebony Sunrise  (Kevin Eubanks)  3:49
9. Trick Bag  (Wes Montgomery)  3:08

Musicians / Personnel :

Kevin Eubanks - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Marcus Miller - Electric Bass
Ron Carter - Double Bass
Dave Grusin - Keyboards
Buddy Williams - Drums
Ralph McDonald, Crusher Bennett, Paulinho Braga - Percussion 



  2. Thank you! You have others cds of Eubanks with GPR?