Friday, January 15, 2016

Bass Talk 3 - 1997 "Basstorius"

The title of this CD talks for itself - music inspired by genius of BASS player Jaco pasTORIUS. Jaco 'was one of THE cats' how one of musicians once said about him. He became an historical figure in the world of music, for his revolutionary new approach for bass guitar and new style of thinking of it. This CD features some of noted bass players like Laurence Cottle, Dave La Rue and Carlos Benavent, presenting their vision of fretless bass playing style based on Pastorius works. They bring the bass in more advanced level, demonstrating how it can fit an almost all niches in song structure. Sometimes you will be surprised how different the bass may sound. With this CD in your collection you can share your feels and ideas about fretless bass with many hot musicians, who love it like you do.

I bought this album when I was at the Music Messe in Germany a few years ago. Let me tell you, if you dig on Fretless bass or bass solo stuff, these CDs have been a great source of opening new doors of music and expanding my catalog of players and styles. i have done a brief run-down of the songs on this disc, and I will go back at a later time and embellish on them.

 Track Listings

  1. Notorius - Laurence Cottle
  2. Nude Descending A Staircase - T De Winkel & Matteo Garrison
  3. Madrid - Carlos Benavent
  4. Yoto - Randy Bernsen Trio
  5. Juanita - Dave Larue
  6. Basstorius - Koono
  7. The Cat - Ben Hullenkremer & Kai Eckhardt
  8. Tribute - Stefan Rademacher
  9. If Only - Alan Thomson & Dave Lewis
  10. The Man From The Everglades - Mo Foster
  11. Mr. Bigband - Christoph Spendel
  12. The Marathon Runner - Carlo Mombelli


Steve Rucker - Drums
Alan Thomson - Fretless Bass
Gary Hammond - Percussion
Dave Lewis - Sax (Tenor)
Stefan Rademacher - Bass, Arranger, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Kai Eckhardt de Camargo - 5-string Bass
Onorino Tiburzi - Fender Jazz Bass
Benjamin H├╝llenkremer - Drums (Bass), Mixing, Engineer, Fretless Bass
Kai Eckhardt - Performer
Randy Bernsen - Guitar
Carlo Mombelli - Fretless Bass, Breathing
Carles Benavent - Bass, Producer
Mike Bradley - Drums
Laurence Cottle - 5-string Bass
Richard Cottle - Keyboards
Matthew Garrison - Keyboard Programming
Tino Di Geraldo - Percussion
Dave LaRue - Performer
Christoph Spendel - Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Orchestration, Soloist