Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jeff Coffin - 1999 "Commonality"

Commonality was the second album released by Jeff Coffin, released in 1999. This album was the first and, so far, only album released by Coffin as a solo artist. His previous album being under the name Jeff Coffin Ensemble and subsequent albums recorded and released by the Jeff Coffin Mu'tet.

Jeff Coffin.If you are searching for the next upcoming original saxophonist in modern jazz, Coffin may be your man. He plays alto and tenor in a manner very reminiscent of a young Sonny Rollins; savvy, brawny, unabashed, and fearless. Four of the nine cuts are with sax-bass-drums, again evoking favorable comparison to the legendary hard bop-edged Rollins-Wilbur Ware-Elvin Jones triad. Trumpeter Rod McGaha is on the other five, and he adds a lot -- his saucy Don Cherry-like smeared solos and pungent harmonic lines run in tandem with Coffin, making a formidable team and an arresting sound. The trio takes on some stiff challenges: a moderate New Orleans shuffle ("First Comes Last"), a fanfare intro to head noddin' bluesy swing to free boppin' title track, and a sweet and sour blues ("Espoo You"). The finale is a hymnal reverent "Prayer" with jingle bell threads woven throughout. But "Angle of Response" is a lengthy barnburner, a modal bassline in five and four beats alternately providing the foundation for Coffin to play alto and tenor simultaneously. The following piece, "Something Quick" (another workout at over ten minutes), has the band chewing up everything in its path, a tour de force hard bop epic. Seamless free sections are included here and there, and the ensemble, with bassist Chris Enghauser and drummer Tom Giampietro, keep the music percolating no matter the tempo. Coffin has a tiger by the tail on this extraordinary, highly recommended disc. 

Track listing

All tracks by Jeff Coffin

1. "First Comes Last" (5:17)
2. "Salt Lick" (4:51)
3. "Commonality" (9:47)
4. "Espoo You" (7:38)
5. "Angle Of Repose" (10:39)
6. "Something Quick" (10:42)
7. "Outside, The Gray Sky Cries" (6:18)
8. "Who's Who" (7:47)
9. "Prayer" (4:45)


    Jeff Coffin - alto & tenor saxophones
    Rod McGaha - trumpet
    Chris Enghauser - acoustic bass
    Tom Giampietro - drums


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  2. I always preferred improvised music over written charts probably because I lacked technical disciplinity in all instruments...I prefer edgy and mellow rather than tonal complications....hard bop without the hard definitely has moments of ESP thing down but between all the chatty soloing there's fucking shit load of silence to be exploited...she said my ears need to be bitch-slapped or something but a lot of this is tedious and lyrical...I would like door number 3 Bob and then buy a vowel. I'd like to solve the puzzle: what is the Subconscious Desires. Thanks for the amazing music you post.