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Good Rats - 1978 [1993] "Tasty"

The Good Rats are an American rock band from Long Island, New York. Their music mixes elements of rock with blues and pop. They are best-known on their native Long Island, although they had some success nationally and internationally.

Tasty is a 1974 album by Good Rats and was released on the Warner Brothers Records label. Wiki

"Tasty" is by far the greatest accomplishment by "America's Favorite Unknown Band": The Good Rats. I was first aquainted with the "Tasty" album at a young age when my father, who was a Good Rats fan in his youth, passed his taste in music down to me. I first became familiar with the popular title track, "Tasty", the upbeat lead-off track, "Back To My Music", and the eeire but lyrically ingenius and funny "300 Boys". Later on, I came to recognize the musical brilliance in "Klash Ka Bob", "Poppa Papa", "Phil Fliesh", the vocal magnificance in "Songwriter", "Injun Joe", and "Fireball Express", and the nostalgic ingenius in "Fred Upstairs and Ginger Snappers". And then it hit me. There is not a single song on this album that isn't worth listening to. Peppi Marchello posseses the rock and roll voice that most bands dream of having, John Gatto's guitar playing is flawless (check out "Klash Ka Bob" to hear Gatto at his best!), Lenny Kotke's fingers fly on the bass, Micky Marchello's guitar and vocal harmonies are always dead on, and Joe Franco's drumming is admirable. Essentially, The Good Rats are the model band for 70's rock. Why then did not make it big is beyond mystery to me. The "Tasty" album is a must-have for rock fans of all ages.  By The 5th Beatle

This is one class act in rock & roll...they are top notch musicians of the highest order and this is the place to start your collection...they ain't pretty but they get the job done and man, do they ever get the job done. A friend of mine whom I worked with in college radio turned me on to the track "Papa Poppa" with the comment, "Does this not sound like it'd be a GREAT Guess Who tune?" I closed my eyes and listened, and I was hooked immediately. Over the years I've lost a few of their other albums but managed to hang onto this one...I'm rebuilding that collection now that I know I can again! GREAT New York-New Jersey rock & nonsense, no frills, just incredible playing, great vocals and super harmonies. Tasty not only describes their defines it! By T. LeBaron

Up until recently, my view of the Good Rats were, at best, a good regional band. I remember seeing them live in 1976 and saying to a friend 'This band won't make it big. They don't have THAT look'. All I can say is for those who have the same or similiar thoughts, please read on.

Early in 2006, I heard the track 'Dear Sir' off the From Rats to Riches LP and thought it was from another artist. When I was told it was the Good Rats, I started listening to all the sample tracks from From Rats to Riches on Amazon. Days later, I was STILL listening.

Then I started listening to the sample tracks from Tasty. I decided to purchase Tasty to give this the full listen I felt it deserved. From the textures in the melodies to the pure musicianship displayed, I was excited and angry at the same time. If I only gave them a good listen 30 years earlier, I would have had the pleasure of having this music to enjoy for all these years. Maybe age and life experience have something to do with this, who knows.

For those that are looking for something 'old school' and will stand the test of time, (IMHO) this LP certainly does that and more. I have since purchased Live At Last and From Rats to Riches along with Tasty and plan to enjoy them in the years ahead. 
By Time Will Tell

Track listing

Words and music by Peppi Marchello -- arranged by Good Rats

    "Back To My Music" 2:34
    "Injun Joe" 5:28
    "Tasty" 3:22
    "Papa Poppa" 5:08
    "Klash-Ka-Bob" 3:34
    "Fireball Express" 3:16
    "Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers" 3:11
    "300 Boys" 3:49
    "Phil Fleish" 4:00
    "Songwriter" 3:50


    Peppi Marchello – lead vocals, harmonica, and bats
    Mickey Marchello – guitar, vocals
    John "The Cat" Gatto - guitar
    Lenny Kotke - bass, vocals
    Joe Franco - drums