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Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe - 1995 "Tilt"

Tilt is a collaborative studio album by guitarists Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen, released in 1995 through Shrapnel Records. The collaboration was organized by Shrapnel founder Mike Varney due to his enthusiasm for both guitarists' stylistic similarities, and as a result of good sales a second album, Project, was released in 1997.

After Richie Kotzen was kicked out of Poison, he teamed up with fellow shred-guitarist Greg Howe to record Tilt, an album that was nearly half-a-decade behind the times. Filled with fretboard heroics in the vein of Eddie Van Halen and Allan Holdsworth.

"Tilt" features the twin talents of super guitar shredders Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen on a CD released in 1995, when it seemed Shrapnel Records was releasing a new fusion oriented CD every week. The songwriting on "Tilt" was more or less evenly divided between Howe and Kotzen, with a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Contusion" thrown in for good measure. If you're not a fan of vocal songs, don't worry about the lone vocal number "I Wanna Play" - the vocals are quite sparse - the song being dominated by funked-up guitar and clavinet. A phine phunky phusion effort pheaturing two of progressive fusion's stalwarts.

Since Kotzen and Howe were notable guitar virtuoso's, this album packs killer jazz melodies. They do it the shred way. Only the track "I Wanna Play" is a bit different because of its funky tempo, but is good in its form. If you want to put some variation on your shredding collection this album won't disappoint you. A must have for connoisseurs of instrumental rock.

First of all I am the great fan of guitar instrumental music.In Japan,sadly enough GREG is so underrated among guitar DIEHARDS.This CD showcases the fine prowess and outstanding versatility of these guitar players.These two guys play their guitar like the two heavy weight champions of the boxing match.They never compromise against commercial music.They did what they wanted to do.So If you hear this CD you will surely be knocked down to the ground and forced to bite the dust.They really had a fierce competition from start to end.This CD never lets you down.

The best shreders in town play together in this fusion tour-de-force. The 1st track, "Title", gives the tone of the record and is absolutely killer. Richie showcases his usual fast runs throughout the album, while Greg mixes lightning chops with unexpected, cool jazzy licks. A must buy.

Track listing:

1.     "Tilt"       Greg Howe     5:27
2.     "Chase the Dragon"       Richie Kotzen     4:59
3.     "Tarnished With Age"       Howe     5:10
4.     "Outfit"       Kotzen     4:14
5.     "Contusion"       Stevie Wonder     6:25
6.     "I Wanna Play"       Kotzen     5:42
7.     "Seventh Place"       Howe     6:26
8.     "O.D."       Kotzen     4:52
9.     "Full View"       Howe     5:57

Total length: 49:12


Greg Howe – guitar (left stereo channel), keyboard, bass (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9), engineering, mixing, production
Richie Kotzen – guitar (right stereo channel), vocals, clavinet, bass (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8), engineering, mixing, production
Jon Doman – drums (tracks 1, 3, 5, 9)
Atma Anur – drums (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8)
Kevin Soffera – drums (track 7)

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