Monday, July 18, 2016

California Guitar Trio - 1993 "Yamanashi Blues"

For lovers of superb instrumental music, the debut by the California Guitar Trio, Yamanashi Blues, is one of the best of the '90s. Recorded strictly on amplified acoustic guitars (supplied by Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya, and Paul Richards), the band touches upon a wide variety of musical genres, as they cover easily identifiable classical, surf, pop, and jazz tunes, with a few originals mixed in as well. Interestingly, all the songs on Yamanashi Blues were recorded in Bert Lams' living room. Great versions of '60s surf standards like "Walk Don't Run," "Pipeline," and "Sleepwalk" are included, as well as a few J.S. Bach pieces ("Prelude In C Minor," "Chromatic Fugue In D Minor," and others). The originals fit in perfectly with the cover material, such as Lams' "Carnival," Richards' "Blockhead," and Moriya's "Kan-non Power." Unlike most other instrumental albums, the California Guitar Trio stresses the importance of songwriting over instrumental technicality.

I lack the energy to research these guys, but the CGT makes for some entertaining listening.
This is basically three guys, playing only guitars. The eclectic collection of pieces on this disc range from the Surfaris "Walk, Don't Run" to Bach's Prelude in C Minor.
Most odd. Yet oddly compelling. There is something magic about classical attention being paid to an old surf standby.
Hard to explain, fun to listen to. 

These three guitarist are fantastic artist. The songs are simply beautiful. You don't have to be a guitar enthusiast to love this CD, just a music lover. However if you play the guitar you NEED this CD to know what is possible. This will inpsire you like no other band will.

 This is a LIVE PERFORMANCE. This album was recorded during a concert directly from the guitars. No voice miking -so there's not audience applause- and most important: NO STUDIO MIXING. They sound on the record as they did at the gig.
A real masterpiece from those kind of guitarist one expect to see live at least once in his life. 

An eclectic mix of jazz, pop and classical tunes performed on amplified acoustic guitars. The debut album from this wholly un-californian threesome, Bert Lams (Belgium), Hideyo Moriya (Japan) and Paul Richards (USA).

Track listing:

1. Yamanashi Blues
2. Melrose Avenue
3. Corrente
4. Walk Don't Run
5. Ricercar
6. Pipeline
7. Beeline
8. Chromatic Fugue in D minor
9. Tenor Madness
10. Sleepwalk
11. Carnival
12. Prelude in C minor
13. Ciaccona
14. Blockhead
15. Kan-non Power

The California Guitar Trio : Bert Lams, Paul Richards, Hideyo Moriya