Saturday, March 3, 2018

Leo Kottke - 1981 "Guitar Music"

Guitar Music is an album by American guitarist Leo Kottke, released in 1981. The album is all solo guitar played on a Gibson J-45 and a Lundberg-Martin 12-string.

A classic 1981 release, "Guitar Music" is a self-explanatorily-titled instrumental album by one of the most wide-ranging guitarists of his era. Leo Kottke is influenced by a huge variety of musics, as evidenced by the covers of "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds", "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and a glorious country-blues version of Santo and Johnny's classic "Sleepwalk."
"Part Two" and "Available Space" are watery, jazz-tinged melodies, but the six-part "Some Birds" suite is one of Kottke's most impressive compositions ever. Varied yet subtly linked, these six pieces are small gems. The new age aspects of Kottke's mid-'80s releases have their roots in this extended work, but there's nothing amorphous or muzak-like about this album.

I am a bit of fan of Mr Kottke - ever since hearing 6 & 12 String Guitar way back when. Have a few other albums of his and have even seen him perform when he has visited Australia. Impressive stuff. Haven't bought anything of his for quite some time and stumbled across this one on Amazon - saw the good reviews and bought it. Dont know how I did not know about it - maybe it was never originally released in Australia. Anyway this is what Leo does best - tasty, clever and stylish playing. This album perhaps doesnt have the fire and energy of 6 & 12 String Guitar but in some ways it is the better for it - a bit more mellow and rounded. To be honest its a four and half star album but you cant do that on the rating sytem. If you have other albums by Leo Kottke you will be sure to enjoy this - well worth it.

This is a re-mastered cd from a vinyl press nearly thirty years ago. I wore out my record. Classic Kottke, with some of his own compositions. A good introduction to a genuine American treasure. Kottke has few peers in the history of solo guitar. This is one of his five best albums. If you would like to just sit back, relax and enjoy some beautiful music, than you need to buy this CD. We saw him live and his music will live in my heart forever.

Track listing:

01 Part Two 1:44
02 Available Space 1:35

Side One Suite 10:30
03  Some Birds
04  Sounds Like...
05  Slang
06  My Double
07  Three Walls And Bars
08  Reprise: Some Birds

09 Perforated Sleep 2:42
10 Strange 2:34
11 Little Shoes 1:32
12 Jib's Hat 2:17
13 Tumbling Tumbleweeds 2:42
14 Agile N. 1:45
15 A Song For "The Night Of The Hunter" 3:05
16 All I Have To Do Is Dream 1:42
17 Sleep Walk 2:23


Leo Kottke - Acoustic 6- and 12-String Guitars



  2. I've just stumbled upon this blog, hyperlinked from I don't remember where. I was trepidatious, assuming from the URL that I'd face a Steve Vai flood. Instead, you've got me to download my first-ever Leo Kottke disc. I look forward to learning even more once I get off the home page!