Monday, March 12, 2018

Jörg Kleutgens - 1993 "J.K Special" featuring Dave Weckl

Unlike many drummer-led dates in which percussionists do not establish that it is their session, Weckl's stamp can clearly be detected on any release bearing his name. His blistering beats and phrases occupy a prominent place in the mix, and he is clearly the best player among this session's assembled cast, although speedy electric bassist Jörg (J.K.) Kleutgens provides booming lines and rapid-fire progressions. The songs, like many fusion and instrumental pop pieces, are fragments with light, quickly forgettable melodies and minimal solo space. Other than a forum for Weckl's percussive feats, this qualifies as a pleasant but hardly vigorous workout.

A funky bass sound with Dave Weckl's drum technique.....Wonderful music that you have to listen. Excellent Album. A masterpiece. Definitely one of my favorite all time jazz albums. Even as a guitarist, I have been a long time fan of Weckl and Chick Corea.

Track listing:

1. Crossfire (4:43)
2. S.W.I. (4:11)
3. Bodega (5:06)
4. Shine on Me (7:00)
5. Special (5:47)
6. I Still Love You (5:59)
7. B.A.C. (5:27)
8. Ride Home (5:42)

Total Time: 43:58


Bass Written-By, Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Jörg (J. K.) Kleutgens*
Drums – Dave Weckl
Guitar – Dirk K.*
Keyboards – Chris Erbstösser