Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Various Artists - 2009 "This Is Fusion Guitar"

Over the last ten years Tone Center has become the leader of the jazz/fusion guitar genre and is known for it's recordings of players who possess the highest quality of musicianship. This significant compilation of the BEST OF TONE CENTER is a proud moment for Tone Center and it's faithful followers.

Track listing / Artist:

01 Becks Bolero - Eric Johnson
02 Oye Como Va - Mike Stern
03 Extraction - Greg Howe
04 Funhouse - Chris Poland
05 Freeway Jam - Steve Morse
06 Dr. Hee - Scott Henderson
07 All In Your Head - Frank Gambale
08 Colliding Chimps - TJ Helmrich , Brett Garsed
09 Pickled Hearing - Jimmy Herring
10 Plankton - Larry Coryell
11 D'Funk'D - Dave Fiuczynski
12 Terrabill Blues - Bill Connors

Contributing Artists:

Larry Coryell, Eric Johnson, Frank Gambale, Steve Morse, Mike Stern, Chris Poland, Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Bill Connors, Jimmy Herring, TJ Helmerich, Dave Ficuzynski


Larry Coryell, Victor Wooten, Frank Gambale, Steve Smith, Tom Coster, Mike Varney, Jeff Richman, T Lavitz, Robert M. Biles, Ricky Keller, Stuart Hamm, Greg Howe, Pat Thrall, Brett Garsed, Kim Plainfield



  2. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

  3. Thank you. For this one and for the earliers too.