Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Naniwa Express - 1982[1991] "DaiuchuhMugenryokushin"

Naniwa Express (ナニワエキスプレス) was a Japanese jazz fusion group active from 1977 to 1986. According to The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz it was "one of the most successful jazz fusion bands in Japan". The group was founded by Ko Shimizu and Kazuhiko Iwami, with Kiyoshi Kamada on drums in the early years; Kenji Nakamura joined in 1978. The group traveled to the USA in 1979 and returned in 1980; Rikiya Higashihara and Makoto Aoyagi joined in 1981. The group made its first recordings for CBS/Sony in 1982, and continued recording until its dissolution in 1986. Limited reunion touring and recording occurred in the 2000s.

Track listing:

01. Red Zone 4:16
02. Image 4:43
03. DaiuchuhMugenryokushin 7:46
04. Marshall Arts 3:51
05. Spot 5:33
06. Jerome 4:36
07. 9th Mountain High (Live At Goppongi pit Outt) 4:05
08. Dawn 4:40


Kazuhiko Iwami - guitar
Kenji Nakamura - keyboards
Ko Shimizu (ja) - bass
Makoto Aoyagi - piano, saxophone
Rikiya Higashihara - drums