Thursday, November 16, 2017

Larry Coryell - 1971 [2017] "Fairyland"

Fairyland is a live album from jazz guitarist Larry Coryell. All songs were recorded 18 June 1971 at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Larry Coryell is accompanied by Chuck Rainey on bass and Pretty Purdie on drums.

Recorded live in June 1971 in Montreux, Switzerland. Long considered a fan favorite of Larry's fusion period. This recording will melt the paint off your walls. This album is incontrovertible proof that Larry Coryell is more than worthy of a seat in the same tier as guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin, and Santana. Featuring: Larry Coryell - guitar, Chuck Rainey - bass and Bernard Purdie - drums.

Fairyland has long been a favorite among fans of Larry Coryell's jazz-rock days. The stripped-down trio format allows Coryell plenty of solo space. He actually sings quite effectively on the first two tracks, but more effective are the torrents of 18th notes, mutated blues licks, and avant-garde sound textures that emanate from his guitar. "Further Explorations for Albert Stinson" is a later incarnation of "The Jam With Albert," which is a staple of Coryell jazz-rock compilations. A rewarding listen. All Music.

If you like your rock ala hendrix or early Guru Guru then you'll probably like this a lot. There's a nice mix of true rock (mid 60s / mid 70s) and jazz guitar chops and licks to satisfy the most demanding rock n roll / guitar worshiper.
Also, Purdie & Rainey do a nice job behind Coryell all the way through. Nice! By Speedy.

This is recorded live from 1976 in Switzerland. It is a very short album at 32 minutes. When you remove the cheering, you only end up with 30 minutes of actual music.

This is power trio doing jazz fusion. It is what Cream would sound like if it played fusion. There are the solos and musical runs similar to Live Cream (but in a jazz fashion). There is also some very nice distorted guitar.

This is different from other Larry Coryell albums. His others are a "more traditional" fusion, similar to Mahavishnu Orchestra or Return to Forever. He also has more traditional, acoustic jazz albums.

I have seen him a couple of times in concert. He puts on a great show and has lots of stage presence and personality. But, when I saw him, he didn't play anything as frenetic as this. By kireviewer VINE VOICE.

This is among my favorite recordings of all time. Just crackling with unbounded energy. And the cover art is suggestive of where these guys' heads may have been. If your are a lover of fusion, jazz, or psychedelic rock, you owe it to yourself to give this a listen. I have long hoped for a CD release, but, alas, it may never come to pass. Do not pass up an opportunity to add this to your collection. It is rare. By Laurence Diamond.

If you like Larry loud this record rocks the house like no other! Larry is freakin out of control here. I feel his playing seems like he maybe drunk and all hell is breakin loose! It's destructive. If you like Coryell tight and smooth, this is definitley not a album for you. I only have it on record. By Ward Hilgers.

Track listing:

All songs except "Stones" were composed by Larry Coryell.

1. "Souls Dirge" – 9:39
2. "Eskdalemuir" – 8:38
3. "Stones" (Doug Davis) – 7:08
4. "Further Explorations for Albert Stinson" – 6:47


Larry Coryell – guitar, vocals
Chuck Rainey – bass
Pretty Purdie – drums



  2. Another nice one... love all the Hendrix licks he throws in... even a little Led Zeppelin. Rainey and Purdy are as solid and locked in as it gets. But it's still jazz.

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  5. I like Coryell's work with Eleventh House. Can't wait to hear this one