Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dejohnette Metheny Hancock Holland - 1993 [2002] "Parallel Realities Live"

Two CD set recorded live at the Mellon Jazz Festival in Philadelphia, 1990. Features Pat Metheny (guitar), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Herbie Hancock (keyboards) and Dave Holland (bass). 10 tracks including 'Shadow Dance','Solar','Eye Of The Hurricane' and more.

What a great live album. Ive listened to it about 20 times since purchasing. This group melds together very well and play an awesome set. Herbie and Dejohnette with Dave Holland are just real joys to listen to. Pat gives an interesting dynamic to the group. A fan of most contemporary jazz fushion will really enjoy this album.

This was one of the most underrated jazz supergroup assmebled. Between the Miles davis alumnis and Pat Metheny, this is the best concert I've seen of any genre when they came through Chicago around the same time. Based largely on Jack DeJohnette's Parallel Realities album, it adds Dave Holland to the studio effort. Pat Meteny collaborated with Dave Holland on his Question and Answer album around the same time which is also excellent. If you have the DVD, no need to get the CD since it is the identical material.

I never really appreciated jazz music until I got the laserdisc of this performance back in the 90s. Just amazing musicianship! This is what it's all about folks. Maybe you are like me: have a casual interest in a couple of jazz musicians but not crazy about "jazz". I can't recommend this highly enough. There's just something magical that happens when you put 4 musical giants like these together in the same room. Play this a few times and it might make a believer out of you, too. At least it will open your ears to a vast amount of music awaiting you.

I give this CD "2 Thumbs up!" Crimhead420.

Track listing:

CD 1
1 Shadow Dance 15:30
2 Indigo Dreamscapes 7:03
3 9 Over Reggae 7:36
4 Solar 13:09
5 Silver Hollow 8:25

CD 2
1 The Good Life 6:08
2 Blue 7:03
3 Eye of the Hurricane 15:31
4 The Bat 8:25
5 Cantaloupe Island 9:42

Total length: 98:32


Bass – Dave Holland
Drums – Jack DeJohnette
Guitar – Pat Metheny
Keyboards – Herbie Hancock


  1. here they are at Montreux 1990 Soundboard @192

  2. Do You know him??

    Please try find some mp3 and upload :>

    I have something but in poor quality

    Moisés P. Sanchez Trio ‎– Ritual
    Chema Vilchez Band - Unity
    Chema Vilchez - Jazz Duets (With John Stowell) (1997)
    Damian Erskine - So To Speak (2010)
    Damian Erskine - Within Sight (2015)

    Maybe You can find it in no less than 320kb ?

    ...Nadishana Trio is also great

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