Saturday, April 1, 2017

Larry Coryell - 1997 "Spaces Revisited"

This album brings together Larry Coryell and legendary drummer Billy Cobham from the original Spaces album, together with bassist Richard Bona and guitarist Bireli LaGrene for another innovative, inspired blowing session of a unique brand of fusion jazz.

 What started as a project to reunite Coryell with Billy Cobham on drums in order to take a second look at the sound and style of the Coryell's Spaces ended up creating a whole new chapter instead. With Richard Bona on bass and Bireli Lagrene on guitar, these nine songs capture the spirit of that 30-year-old session with new, adventuresome playing and vigor. Coryell takes great pride in the spontaneity of this project -- one day rehearsal, two days recording -- and well he should, since it contains musicians interacting with each other in a loose yet totally on-top-of-their-game manner. Bireli shines on the 9/8 section "Variations on Goodbye Pork Pie Hat," while Bona solos beautifully on "Blues for Django and Stephane." Yet it's ultimately Coryell's and Cobham's show, and their playing throughout is sublime with the on-the-spot recording of "Hong Kong Breeze" -- an off the cuff head arrangement done in one take -- showcasing their two players/one mind interplay. Maybe you can't go home again, but this album clearly proves you can always take your luggage with you and build a whole new house.

 Tracks Listing

1. The Dragon Gate (6:30)
2. Hong Kong Breeze (8:25)
3. Spaces Revisited (7:05)
4. Variations On Good-Bye Pork Pie Hat (8:03)
5. Blues For Django And Stephane (5:24)
6. Morning Of The Carnival (7:31)
7. Oleo (5:04)
8. Introduction To 'Ruby' (1:33)
9. Ruby My Dear (4:24)

Total time 53:59

Line-up / Musicians

- Larry Coryell / acoustic & electric guitars, producer
- Biréli Lagrène / guitars
- Richard Bona / bass
- Billy Cobham / drums

Bireli Lagrene appears courtesy of Dreyfus Jazz, France.
Larry Coryell plays Cort LCS-1 Electric and SJ-5 Acoustic guitars.
Billy Cobham plays Mapex drums.
Bireli solos first (1 to 3,6,7,9), Larry solos first (4,5), Larry plays melody (9)



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