Thursday, March 9, 2017

Larry Coryell - 1991 "Twelve Frets To One Octave"

A guitar showcase for Coryell, who has always been among the more accomplished players on either electric or acoustic. He goes through old blues, jazz standards, and everything in between. There's absolutely nothing else to support him, enabling Coryell to display his complete technical arsenal.

I bought this album before amazon was a company and I still find it to be one of the best acoustic guitar albums I have. Such wizardlike mastery of the wooden instrument he has. Progressive jazz in a real organic matrix. Must have!!!!!

For guitarists that are curious about Larry's playing , there are guitar lessons inside! 


01     Allegra's Ballerina Song   
02     Murali's Picture   
03     Flamenco Flare-Up   
04     Blue Monk   
05     Night Rain   
06     Dye Me Blue   
07     Transparence   
08     Blues For 'Charley The Lobster'   
09     Light Sweet Crude   
10     Bartok Eleven   
11     Alfonsina Del Mar   
12     Lotus Revelation   


    Guitar – Larry Coryell



  2. Thanks so much for the Coryell uploads-he had a big influence on me growing up & it's great to go back and listen to his stuff again. He will be missed...

  3. thanks, here's my recording of larry w/ victor and lenny (and george colligan) at jazz alley a few yrs back

    1. thank you for sharing your recording!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to many hours of listening pleasure from this album and the great Larry Coryell.