Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Eleventh House Feat. Larry Coryell - 1976 [2014] "Aspects"

Never fit to be tied, Coryell decided to leave behind his jazz-rock fusion in pursuit of disco-funk. There is some good playing here (Coryell lays out on "Kowloon Jag"), but this is not a complimentary setting for him. John Lee and Gerry Brown were the correct sidemen for the job, as was the inclusion of David Sanborn, but Coryell sounds uncomfortable and continuously reverts back to his trademark licks when he runs out of ideas. Even the guitar solo, "Rodrigo Reflections," turns out to be a disappointment due to some very annoying and poorly recorded percussion accompaniment. A less than memorable session that probably seemed like a good idea at the time. All Music.

Reissue of this 1976 album from this band formed by Jazz great Larry Coryell. Larry is best known as one of the original Jazz-Fusion guitarists of the 1970s. He has issued solo albums, along with collaborations with John McLaughlin and other Fusion-Jazz luminaries. He also headed up the highly praised Fusion group the Eleventh House. This group featured keyboardist Mike Mandel. 

This is one of my all time favourite Coryell albums. I have Been waiting for a long time for this to come out on cd, I own the record! I discovered Coryell back when the fusion stuff was taking off, early - mid 70's. I got to see Larry open for John Mclaughlin with his "One Truth Band" at the Columbus Ohio Agora Larry and John even did an impromptu` just trading licks onstage. Kowloon Jag, Titus, and Aspects, are probably my fav's. One thing I always liked about Larry, he's famous for doing a song in one take, even if it meant leaving a 'pucker' (mistake) on the recording to keep it fresh. Watch out folks, don't be alarmed, this album comes from and era when every song on an album was good. Get This One! 


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  2. Thanks for the music, Larry is one of the pearls of jazz-rock, this is an album that is poorly accessible, so thank you for them. Do you have good music taste like, like me, I often navštěvuji.Velmi thank you for these options.

  3. Thanks! I love his stuff with The Eleventh House. Keep em coming!