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Larry Coryell and The Eleventh House - 1974 [1978] "Live At Montreux"

The Eleventh House was an important jazz fusion group of the 1970s, led by the guitarist Larry Coryell. The band was formed in 1973 and disbanded in 1976. The Eleventh House, alongside bands such as The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report and Return to Forever, is considered as one of the pioneering jazz rock bands of the mid-1970s. Charter members of the Band beside Larry Coryell were Randy Brecker trumpet, Mike Mandel (keyboards), Danny Trifan (bass) and Alphonse Mouzon on drums.
The band recorded their first recording entitled Introducing Eleventh House with Larry Coryell in 1973, followed by Live In Montreux and Level One in 1974. A bootleg live recording was also released in 1975 entitled Live in Europe.
In 1974, Brecker was replaced by trumpet player Michael Lawrence and Trifan was replaced by bassist John Lee; after drummer Mouzon left the band in 1975, Gerry Brown replaced him. Their last incarnation in 1976 saw Japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino replace Lawrence in a more horn-driven funk context. The Aspects album along with the Brecker Brothers as guests was the result of this collaboration.
1977 saw Coryell and Mouzon reunite with a more rock guitar oriented fusion band. Billed as the Coryell/Mouzon Band it also featured John Lee on bass and Philip Catherine on second guitar. They released one notable album entitled Back Together Again on Atlantic Records. They later performed in various rock or jazz capacities with alternating members including bassist Miroslav Vitouš until finally disbanding.
Eleventh House members Coryell, Mouzon, Mandel and Lee recorded a rather commercial recording in 1984 called The Eleventh House.
In 1998, the Eleventh House reunited and toured all over the world until the end of 1999. By then the Eleventh House Reunion Band consisted of Coryell on guitar, Brecker on trumpet, Richard Bona or Jeff Berlin on bass and Mouzon on drums. In 1999 original member John Lee joined the band on some occasions as did Coryell's son, Julian Coryell, on second guitar and either trumpeter Shunzo Ohno or Donald Harrison on saxophone replaced Brecker.

Guitarist Larry Coryell's Eleventh House was a particularly interesting fusion group of the mid-1970's for, in addition to the leader, keyboardist Mike Mandel, bassist Danny Trifan and the dynamic drummer Alphonse Mouzon, the unit featured trumpeter Michael Lawrence. Their appearance at the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival makes for a rather brief CD (under 34 minutes) but has its moments of interest. Coryell starts the proceedings by playing his unaccompanied acoustic guitar on a classical piece, that number is followed by four passionate group originals full of fire and dated electronics, and the set finishes with the strongest piece, "The Eleventh House Blues." Although the music is not essential nor particularly innovative, the mixture of straightahead elements with prime period fusion is often stimulating. 

OMG- the very greatness of this guitarist stands along John McLaughlin, & so many other guitarists. He was on the cutting edge of jazz-fusion. So many great songs. Add Alphonse Mouzon on drums, Mike Mandel on keyboards, a bass, & Trumpet & you have a "cool" fusion band.Joyride is 9+ minutes & "The Eleventh House Blues is 8 minutes. Great music for jazz fusion enthusiasts. So much great music comes & goes in a flash. But when you find it, it is a great feeling. I had older lps, so on one day I got 6 of this guitar masters CDs . 

This Cd is really another Fusion classic and it ranks up to the first 11th House album - only this time it's played live with MUCH power. All members are on the very top, Mike Lawrence doing a great job, Larry Coryell plays great and with lots of powe, he especially sounds great on "11th House Blues" where he shows his great blues feeling. Alphonse fast and with lots of power , but he never overplays - incredible playing.
A great album overall,but unfortunatelly the running time is quite short...anyway, get it!

Tracks Listing

1. Improvisation On Villa-Lobos (Prelude No 4 In E Minor) (3:07)
2. Tamari (4:31)
3. Joyride (9:30)
4. Rasputin (4:11)
5. Song For A New York Rainmaker (4:24)
6. Eleventh House Blues, The (8:06)

Total Time 36:11

Line-up / Musicians

- Larry Coryell / guitar
- Mike Mandel / keyboards
- Alphonse Mouzon / drums
- Michael Lawrence / trumpet
- Danny Trifan / bass
Releases information

Recorded at the Montreaux Jazz and Pop Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland on July 4, 1974 



  2. Thanks for the upload of this classic. I was fortunate enough to see the 11th House in Seattle, June, 1973. Still deeply imprinted in the memory banks. Was really looking forward to catching the New 11th House tour this summer...I suppose we're just left w/ the new album in June...LC was the absolute BEST!

  3. I agree, Larry was my favorite.
    I seen him with his two sons at the St. Louis jazz festival in 2001, where I also met Daniel Trifan (bass player for the Eleventh House).

  4. Hi Crimhead, do you have any albums by Allen Hinds? Thanks.

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