Friday, January 20, 2017

Alain Caron - 1995 "Rhythm'n Jazz"

This set by bassist Alain Caron puts the emphasis on his bass solos and electronics, although he utilizes a full jazz combo. All of the music consists of Caron originals except for a tribute to Jaco Pastorius on "Donna Lee," and the colorful titles include "The Bump," "Slam the Clown," and "Flight of the Bebop Bee." However, the titles are often more memorable than the music, which -- although well played -- would have benefited from the inclusion of a few standards or better originals. Alain Caron is an impressive virtuoso, so hopefully a lot more will be heard from him in the future.

Alain Caron IMO is the best bassist composer playing this type of music. This is a great CD with wonderful tunes that are technically jaw dropping but not self indulgent. 

Alain Caron is an amazing bassist, with a great sound and frightening techincal abilities. I'll recommend bassists to find a video of his concerts, you'll learn a lot about the techinques of bass, soloing, slapping and using a 6 string bass. However, this CD is a great buy as well, because as a bassist, a CD with an amazing bassist, especially when he is the leader of his band.

It'\s a constant companion along life's highways. Quite literally, as the CD lives in my car stereo, ready to be punched into action, cranked up and for some serious grooving and moving to take place. The musicianship, production values and creativity are all maxed despite the slightly cheesy title. Make this one your next purchase, and never mind the french/english credits. Open your mind to this man's dancing fingers.

Eighteen months after his first solo album was released, Alain Caron returns with this recording, entitled « RHYTHM'N JAZZ ».

Featuring nine new songs and a Charlie Parker standard, « RHYTHM'N JAZZ » shows tremendous composing skills and a bold musical direction. Introducing the saxophone and percussion to his band, Alain has gone back to his first love and focused on rhythm'n blues and be-bop colors.

Recorded and mixed mainly at the Victor Studio in Montréal, « RHYTHM'N JAZZ » features the work of some of today's best musicians. It includes Dennis Chambers, considered by many the best drummer in the world. Dennis has played with David Sandborn, the Brecker Brothers, John Scofield, John McLaughlin and Steely Dan. Also appearing Quebecers Magella Cormier (drums), Guy Dubuc (keyboards), Francois D'Amours (saxophone), Jerry De Villiers and Benoit Charrest (guitars), Luc Boivin (percussions), James Gelfand (acoustic piano), and Benoit Glazer (trumpet).

Tracks Listing

01. The Bump (5:38)
02. Fat Cat (7:22)
03. District 6 (5:10)
04. Slam the Clown (7:41)
05. Little Miss Match (7:37)
06. I.C.U. (6:47)
07. Cherokee Drive (8:29)
08. Flight of the Bebop Bee (7:04)
09. Donna Lee (4:15)
10. Intuitions (6:10)

Total Time: 66:18

Line-up / Musicians

- Alain caron / bass, keyboards
- Dennis Chambers / drums
- Magella Cormier / drum programs
- Jerry De Villiers / guitar
- Benoit Charest / guitar, trumpet
- Guy Dubuc / keyboards
- El Exstasis, Jean-Francois Cote, Luc Boivin, Mirielle Marchal / percussion
- James Gelfand / piano 



  2. Sounds fantastic, thanks for sharing, grooving it now!

  3. Much better than the the reviewer claims.
    Many Thanks