Thursday, December 31, 2015

Various Artists - 1988 CTI - "Masters Of The Guitar"

This is probably the most widely played jazz-guitar CD in my collection. I originally got this CD in 1988. This purchase was my second copy, since my first copy got scratched. I loved it in '88, I still love it now. Timeless music.

I'm amazed at the efficiency of the market. Not enough people know about this gem. You can buy this for a buck. Wow. CTI, during the period represented by this compilation, had a stable of outstanding players, all of whom would go on to make names for themselves in the emerging world of commercial jazz.

Note, I didn't say smooth jazz. Rather, this was real jazz played to a growing, cross-over audience. Music molded by Creed Taylor (the CT in CTI) to move people deeper into the jazz mainstream. George Benson, before he became a singer. John McLauglin as a side-man on Joe Farrell's gig. Grant Green mapping the territory for jam bands which would arrive a decade and-a-half later. Joe Beck introducing a then-unknown David Sanborn, and the definitive Jim Hall collaborating with Art Farmer. And more.

Track Listing / Personnel:
Various Artists

Recorded 1971-1978. Issued 1988.

01. El Mar - George Benson (from WHITE RABBIT) - 10:47 remix
02. Black Gold - Phil Upchurch (from UPCHURCH/TENNYSON) - 3:29
03. Rock Steady - as by "Eric Gale"
     (from WILD HORSES ROCK STEADY) - 6:44
04. Brothers & Others - Joe Beck (from BECK) - 6:26
05. God Bless The Child - Kenny Burrell (from GOD BLESS THE CHILD) - 8:00
06. I Remember Wes - as by "George Benson" (from GIANT BOX) - 4:08
07. Big Blues - as by "Jim Hall" (from BIG BLUES) - 7:21
08. Creature - Grant Green (from THE MAIN ATTRACTION) - 10:18
09. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye - Gabor Szabo (from RAMBLER) - 4:41
10. Follow Your Heart - as by "John McLaughlin"
     (from JOE FARRELL QUARTET) - 6:46 remix
11. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men - Kenny Burrell
     (from GOD BLESS THE CHILD) - 2:14 



  2. Nice indeed. Thank You!