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The Ventures - 1992 "The Very Best Of"

The Ventures have released over two hundred albums beginning with Walk Don't Run (1960), and over 60 singles. The original US albums and singles are indicated by their catalog numbers and Billboard (BB) and Cashbox (CB) chart peak positions (Note: There were separate Cashbox charts for stereo and mono albums until 1965.)

Originally an EMI Music Australasia release in 1992, this CD included many great tunes that are not available from EMI-USA's "Legendary masters series - Walk don't run -- The best of the ventures". Including three Ventures' Classic "Walk don't run", "Perfidia" and "Hawaii Five-O" and its own rendition of "La Bamba" and "Let's go", this CD comprised mainly of "REMAKES" instrumental hits "MADE FAMOUS" by OTHER ARTISTS, including Bill Dogget's "Honky tonk", Bill Justis' "Raunchy", Tornadoes' "Telstar", Surfaris' "Wipeout", The Champs' "Tequila", The Strings-a-longs' "Wheels", Santo and Johnny's "Sleep walk", Chantay's "Pipeline", Duane Eddy's "Rebel 'Rouser", Booker T & the MGs' "Green Onion" and the Marketts' "Out of limits". Ventures added special ingredients to these songs and created a new image for them, especially the recording sound, which is much better than most of the originals. Among these "REMAKES", "Pipeline", "Wipe Out" and "Telstar" stand out as best examples showing that the cover versions by Ventures are much better than the originals.
***** THESE ARE ORIGINAL RECORDINGS BY THE VENTURES ******(updated 1st Jul 2010) By Long Distance Voyager.

"The Very Best Of The Ventures" is well worth getting - it has many of their best known hits, and for anyone not familiar with 'The Ventures', this is a great introduction to them! This album shows the great talent these guys have in playing their guitars, before everything got 'teched-out' by just pushing a few buttons to get whatever sound or effect one wants. These guys mastered it by as few effects and mostly by creatively doing it by hand effects on the guitar-strings! The best songs in my opinion on this CD album are: "Wipeout" (They do it the best), "Green Onions" (Excellent version), "Pipeline" (Another classic), and "Out Of Limits" (They do it the best). If your not sure which Venture alblum to get, and want a good introduction to them, get this album! Enjoy!  By JW.

I have always liked the Ventures. I never knew much about them, and I knew that much of their work was "covers" of other groups, but the always seemed to cover the very best and I would have to buy six or seven albums to get the tunes that could be found on one of their albums, and they really were excellent musicians. Often their version was better than the originals. I knew that when I played one of their albums, I was in for an hour of good music. By movie viewer .

Track Listings

  1. Walk Dont Run
  2. Torquay
  3. Honky Tonk
  4. Raunchy
  5. Telstar
  6. Last Night
  7. Wipeout
  8. La Bamba
  9. Tequila
  10. Lets Go
  11. Ram Bunk Shush
  12. Wheels
  13. Perfidia
  14. Sleep Walk
  15. Green Onions
  16. Hawaii Five-O
  17. Pipeline
  18. The Ninth Wave
  19. Rebel Rouser
  20. Out Of Limits

There have been relatively few personnel changes since the group’s inception.  Original drummer Howie Johnson broke his neck in a 1961 car accident and was unable to handle extensive touring.  Mel Taylor replaced him in 1962. This cemented the classic Ventures lineup of Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards and Mel Taylor.  In 1968 Edwards left to go solo and was replaced on lead guitar by Gerry McGee.  Edwards returned to the fold in 1972 and remained until late 1984.  Once again, he was replaced by McGee, who remains with the group and continues to tour with them in Japan.  Bob Bogle retired from touring in December 2004 and was replaced by Bob Spalding.

Today’s lineup comprises Don Wilson, Bob Spalding (who first appeared live with the group in 1981), Gerry McGee, and Leon Taylor (who replaced his late father Mel in 1996).  Nokie Edwards still joins them on selected dates. 


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