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Brian Bromberg - 1990 "BASSically Speaking"

Brian Bromberg (born December 5, 1960, in Tucson, Arizona) is an American jazz bassist and record producer who performs on both electric and acoustic instruments. Though he tends to gravitate towards the genre of smooth jazz, Bromberg has released some straight-ahead jazz records in which he performs with a trio, and has even ventured into more rock-oriented jazz fusion territory as of late. His innovative and technically demanding style of playing extends to both electric and upright bass. On his acoustic bass albums, Bromberg performs jazzy interpretations of various pop and rock staples from the 1960s and '70s completely solo. Regarding his work with electric bass, Bromberg, among other bassists, helped popularize the piccolo bass, or bass with each string tuned an octave up, by releasing several albums in which he plays both the bass line and melody. For instance, upon first listen many will be surprised to learn that, although soaring guitar can be heard throughout the album, Bromberg's 2005 release Metal contains only Bromberg on two overdubbed basses, one of which is heavily effects-laden to make it sound like an electric guitar.

Nova Records in the early '90s had the great distinction of having two of the world's most stunning young bass players on their roster: Byron Miller and Brian Bromberg. Bromberg, whose virtuosic mix of funk and mainstream influences have earned him comparisons to Stanley Clarke, has found a magical way to ease his brilliant chops on nine different basses into a very commercial setting. His latest, BASSically Speaking, shows him all aces not only as a consummate player, but as a producer, arranger, and composer as well. Mellow fare like "Take a Walk in the Park With Me" offsets the more up-tempo numbers, and you've never heard "My Funny Valentine" played with this much vigor. Complemented by the likes of Freddie Hubbard and the late flutist Joe Farrell, Bromberg has arrived as the first bassman of contemporary jazz's future.

Brian Bromberg "Bassically Speaking" This cd is Brian's first record "A New Day" in CD form. Some new tracks were added and some original tracks have some new additions. This disc features the likes of: Alex Acuna, Joe Farrell, Freddie Hubbard, Ernie Watts and Brian's first top 5 single "You and I" This cd has the original recording of the quasi cult classic bass solo "Bassically Speaking".

This compilation was from an album called A New Day which I have on Cassette. As far as I know this was Brian's very first album. Highly Recommend!!!

Brian Bromberg's seminal album is a classic and defies merely being a "bassist" in a jazz band; his riffs seem effortless, the beats catchy and he shows WHY he is the premier bassist of any band..


1     You And I     4:59
2     Summertime     4:38
3     A New Day     5:08
4     My Funny Valentine     4:44
5     Oriental Ho-Down     6:23
6     BASSically Speaking     2:41
7     Mushy Tushy     6:02
8     Take A Walk In The Park With Me     5:34
9     Puerto Mañana     4:54
10     Sunrise     6:24


Brian Bromberg (bass);
Doug Webb, Greg Armstrong, Ernie Watts (saxophone);
Freddie Hubbard (flugelhorn);
Joe Farrell (flute);
Kei Akagi, Mark Hugenberger, Arthur Statman, Guy Moon (keyboards);
Carl Cherry, Joel Taylor (drums);
Alex Acuna, Steve Reid (percussion).

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