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Dave Weckl - 1990 "Master Plan"

Master Plan is a 1990 studio album by drummer Dave Weckl.
This was Weckl's debut as a leader after years as a session musician and member of Chick Corea's Elektric and Akoustic Bands, and it's an arresting display of his drum chops and rhythmic know-how, whether he's playing or matching parts with a drum program. The rhythms range from Latin-techno on "Festival de Ritmo" to the light swing of acoustic jazz on "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise." Weckl is joined by a number of eminent associates, including Michael Brecker and Eric Marienthal on saxophones. Chick Corea himself plays on his tune "Master Plan," and fellow drummer Steve Gadd joins Weckl for some particularly complex polyrhythms. The music sometimes takes a backseat to Weckl's pyrotechnics, but that's in keeping with a musician initially inspired by Buddy Rich. Weckl has effectively extended that aggressive approach to embrace technology, and Master Plan is full of the same kind of inspiration for younger drummers. - Stuart Broomer

"Master Plan" is an upbeat melodic monster fusion album. Dave's drumming is killer as usual; he makes complex grooves sound so simple and effortless while he lays down a solid rhythm that blends with and never overpowers the other musicians. He also shows he is a good composer and co-wrote four of the tunes. Every song on here is tasty but the highlight for me is the title track where Steve Gadd joins Dave for a dual drumming delight. When they play together, neither is tripping over the others beats and they work together to create a really full sounding rhythm section. They even have a solo drum break and take turns going back and forth playing off each other. Very cool! Definitely a similar style of music and as good as the Elektric Band's output, and if you're a drummer this really is essential.  - By WillieB

This is Dave's first solo album and my personal favorite. All of the songs are well written and the musicianship is nothing less than superb!! Dave Weckl is definitely one of the greatest drummers out there today. Any jazz, drum, or just plain music fan owes it to him or herself to check out this great CD. A must for all drum fans. Dave Weckl is a Master at his art.  - By

Just picked up this CD, and boy I can't say enough for Dave. On one hand, I think of him as the Mr. Smooth of fusion drumming for how super-human his playing/sound is (I could swear it's a computer with a soul playing). Then again, I prefer drumming that breathes a tiny bit more, i.e. a groove where every triplet or 16th note isn't played on (ghost or regular). But then again, this is Dave Weckl and I should not/would not expect anything else. My favorite track is easily Master Plan, for the legendary Chick Corea and Steve Gadd (my favorite drummer) are playing with Weckl, and it produces a stunning piece overall. The first track (Tower of Inspiration) is quite funky and features a brass section playing the melody (Tower of Power?) and track seven (Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise) shows Weckl playing bop in a jazz trio, different for him, but he can do it while still sounding like himself. Overall, I am extremely impressed, can't wait to pick up his new "Transition" CD. And you gotta love the amazing sound he gets from his drums and cymbals.- By Phil Boucher

This CD was distributed by GRP label.That' why total sound design is so polished and sophisticated.Dave's rhythmic approach is so complicated but sharply totalized and well-organized.The songwriting sense is brilliant enough too demonsrate his talents. In Japan ,for example,his tunes are used in the sports program on TV many times.I don't think this is a elevator music.This maybe best described as a instructional CD for drum beginners.Fine techniques and BIG NAMES guest appearances also help this CD to be a well-balanced high tech FUSION ALBUM ever. - By Sound Profiler

Dave Weckl's recording career as a leader was off to a decent start with Master Plan -- not a fantastic start, but a decent one. The drummer had made a name for himself playing with Chick Corea's fusion-oriented Elektric Band and his straight-ahead Akoustic Band, and his admirers greeted this CD with high expectations. But while Master Plan isn't the mind-blowing gem it could have been, it's a competent, enjoyable jazz-rock outing. Weckl has talented guests in keyboardist Jay Oliver, tenor saxman Michael Brecker and Elektric Band colleagues Corea and Eric Marienthal (soprano and alto sax), and he is in good form on pieces that range from the funky "Tower of Inspiration" to the Afro-Cuban-influenced "Festival de Ritmo" and the Brazilian-minded "Auratune." The CD's only hard bop offering is "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise," which finds Weckl forming a trio with pianist Ray Kennedy and bassist Tom Kennedy. Master Plan isn't essential, but it isn't anything to be ashamed of either.  All Music

Track listing

    Tower of Inspiration
    Here and There
    Festival de Ritmo
    In Common
    Garden Wall
    Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
    Master Plan
    Island Magic


    Dave Weckl - Drums
    Eric Marienthal (2-4) - Saxophone
    Jay Oliver (1-6, 8, 9) - Keyboards, Piano
    Chick Corea (5, 8, 9) - Synthesizer
    Michael Brecker (5) - Tenor Saxophone
    Steve Gadd (8) - Drums
    Anthony Jackson (2-5, 8, 9) - Bass
    Jerry Hey (1, 3) - Trumpet
    Bill Reichenbach Jr. (1) - Trombone
    Tom Kennedy (1, 7) - Bass
    Ray Kennedy (7) - Piano
    Peter Mayer (2, 4, 6) - Guitar
    Scott Alspach (6) - Trumpet 


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