Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vital Tech Tones - 2000 "VTT2"

Talk about a power trio! Emphasizing the ROCK half of jazz-rock fusion, Vital Tech Tones brings together three monster players of the genre, blends their creative juices and virtuosic abilities, and creates a truly vital sound that reinvigorates and re-establishes fusion as a viable part of the musical landscape. Most of the songs on this recording started with drummer Steve Smith giving his rhythmic ideas to bassist-extraordinaire Victor Wooten, who developed a groove over which guitarist Scott Henderson worked melodies and harmonies. Such a simple, straight-forward, jam-oriented process is risky, but these three have the goods to pull it off, in the process creating a fresh electric music unique for its time.
Although VTT has been a studio-only side project for these three, they interact here as though they've been on the road together for several years. It's loud, it's raw, and it's awesome -- just what aging baby boomers need to cure their smooth jazz blues, just what generation X-ers need to take them away from the tedious sameness of the alt-rock world.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. VTT (1:33)
2. Subzero (7:06)
3. The Litigants (7:07)
4. Puhtainin' Tuh... (5:17)
5. Drums Stop, No Good (3:11)
6. Catch Me If U Can (4:24)
7. Nairobe Express (4:10)
8. Who Knew? (7:13)
9. Time Tunnel (4:41)
10. Chakmool-Ti (11:45)

Total Time 56:27


Steve Smith - drums
Scott Henderson - guitar
Victor Wooten - vocals, bass


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