Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tribal Tech - 1990 "Nomad"

Nomad is the third album by fusion band Tribal Tech, a project led by guitarist Scott Henderson and bassist Gary Willis.
Like its predecessors, Henderson's third date as a leader is a fine example of how creative and inspired genuine jazz-rock can be. Tough and aggressive yet full of appealing melodic and harmonic nuances, this CD contains not one iota of the type of lightweight smooth jazz or Muzak for which Henderson has often voiced his contempt. With Nomad, Tribal Tech underwent a few personnel changes, and for the first time, recorded an entire album minus a sax. While electric bassist Gary Willis, drummer Steve Houghton, and percussionist/mallet player Brad Dutz remained, saxman Bob Sheppard was gone, and keyboardist Pat Coil had been replaced by David Goldblatt. Despite these changes, Tribal Tech's sound (which was essentially guided by Henderson and Willis) remained easily recognizable. The '70s breakthroughs of Weather Report, Return to Forever, and John McLaughlin, among others, still had an impact on Tribal Tech, but by 1988, it was even more evident that Henderson was a fine soloist and composer in his own right. 

Track listing

"Renegade" (Gary Willis) – 5:51
"Nomad" (Scott Henderson) – 7:18
"Robot Immigrants" (Brad Dutz, David Goldblatt) – 5:09
"Tunnel Vision" (Gary Willis) – 4:43
"Elegy For Shoe" (David Goldblatt) – 4:09
"Bofat" (Scott Henderson) – 8:34
"No No No" (Gary Willis) – 5:53
"Self Defense" (Gary Willis) – 5:00
"Rituals" (Scott Henderson) – 5:44


Scott Henderson - Guitars
Gary Willis - Bass
Brad Dutz - Mallets & Keyboards
David Goldblatt - Keyboards
Steve Houghton - Drums


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