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Herbie Hancock Trio - 1977 "The Herbie Hancock Trio"

Herbie Hancock Trio - 1977 The Herbie Hancock Trio

The first V.S.O.P. tour triggered a flood of recording activity in July 1977, but only a fraction of it was released in the U.S. This session, recorded in San Francisco just days before the Quintet concerts in Berkeley and San Diego, finds Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams mixing it up sans the horns -- and the results are more reflective and cerebral than the full Quintet concerts. Hancock is thoroughly in control of the agenda while Williams throws in those meter-fracturing flurries that keep everyone on their toes. There is a startling re-interpretation of "Speak Like a Child," which is significantly tougher and busier than the wistful Blue Note version, as well as challenging Hancock originals like "Watcha Waiting For" and "Watch It." This is uncompromising acoustic jazz, commercial anathema in the electronic '70s -- and thus, only Japan got to hear it.

Herbie Hancock Trio is an album by Herbie Hancock released in September 21, 1977 in Japan. It features performances by Hancock with Ron Carter and Tony Williams. It is the first of two albums with the same title—this album was released in 1977, and a second Herbie Hancock Trio was released in 1982.

Track listing

1. "Watch It" - 12:25
2. "Speak Like a Child" - 13:06
3. "Watcha Waitin' For" - 6:20
4. "Look" - 7:42
5. "Milestones" (Davis) - 6:40


Herbie Hancock – piano
Ron Carter – bass
Tony Williams – drums


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  2. This is beautiful, rich, and complex. It's both soothing and stimulating at the same time. How could something like this have been denied to countries other than Japan? I'm very grateful to get to hear this. Thanks.

  3. I join Muddy : great share ! thanks a lot !