Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Code - 2000 "Figli di Baia"

Superb jams, killer compositions, amazing chops, great sound and production.

Any jazz guitar fan, fusion fan, or just great jazz fan needs to have this in their
collection. We could easily wax eloquently for two to three pages, going on and on about
how much listening pleasure guitarist/composer John Pelosi's powerhouse group The Code have
given this reviewer's ears. We'll spare you all of that.
As a reviewer and guitar-driven jazz lover that knows what goes flying and
what sits rusting on the tarmac – this is a supersonic treat. It is polished fusion, plenty of
excellent musicianship and satisfying songwriting. Figli di Baia is intelligent
fusion, jazz with intrigue, and a pure delight start to finish.

This new release titled Figli Di Baia, signifies the Italian town and birthplace of lead guitarist John Pelosi’s parents, as “The Code” combines contemporary - lead guitar driven musings with solid backbeats, a few tricky time signatures, percussion, electro-acoustic keys and lyric-less vocals. Throughout, Pelosi steers the group through a hodgepodge of fragmented unison choruses, shifting tempos and well stated choruses, witnessed on pieces such as “Fake Paradise”, “As If” and others.

Percussionist Paul Christopher Caldeira also injects his wordless vocals into the affable composition, “Invisible Cities” and the piece titled “Maria’s Grace” which is somewhat reminiscent of guitarist Pat Metheny’s mid to late 80’s hugely popular Brazilian influenced sound. Very nice groove orientated affairs featuring Pelosi’s penetrating, emotive leads and keyboardist Richard Evans’ jazzy soloing and multihued implementation of synth backwashes as the rhythm section generally maintains the straightforward backbeats amid a few slick tempo changes.

The musicians do indeed possess solid chops. Essentially, the band performs with a noticeable degree of ebullience and the crystalline recording does enhance some of the nuances and intricacies; otherwise, this outfit does have a great deal of potential when viewed as a whole!

Track listing:

1 Intro 0:36
2 Fake Paradise 6:50
3 As If 8:30
4 Word From Ben (Le Parole Di Benito) 8:35
5 Explaining Naples (Per Tomasso) 5:23
6 Invisible Cities 9:23
7 Corner Pocket 8:39
8 Enable This 7:45
9 Maria's Grace (La Grazia Di Maria) 8:30
10 Cena 0:06


Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer – John Pelosi
Bass – Patrick Kilbride*
Drums – Paul DeLong
Keyboards – Richard Evans, Rick Fellini (tracks: 7)
Percussion – Armando Borg
Synth [Solo] – Marco Luciani (tracks: 5)
Vocals, Percussion – Paul Christopher Caldeira


  1. https://www106.zippyshare.com/v/4w0D1A3j/file.html

  2. Super nice - thanks so much!
    Do have access to their other album, "Mianca"?

    1. The Code - 2009 "Mianca": https://www113.zippyshare.com/v/vqqS8EzJ/file.html

  3. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you Crimhead420 good sir.

  4. Here's The Code - 1995 "The Code" (@320): https://www46.zippyshare.com/v/ix7XcLpm/file.html

  5. Many thanks for all of these! I can't believe I've never heard of these guys.