Thursday, February 8, 2018

Oriente Lopez - 2012 "Aguas Profundas"

Oriente López - Aguas Profundas

For those not familiar with the talented Oriente López , as a way of introduction, we had the pleasure of experiencing him play at the Southampton Arts Center  in Southampton, New York with Nilson Matta's Brazilian Voyage  in late March 2017 where he played with Nilson and Mauricio Zottarelli, who plays on Aguas Profundas,  and were impressed with his mastery and style on both piano and flute. In addition to being a musician, he is also a musical director, composer, arranger, producer, and multi-Grammy winner (2004 - Land Of The Sun with Charlie Haden and Gonzolo Rubalcaba, and 2001 - Paquito D'Rivera Quintet Live at The Blue Note with Paquito D'Rivera), he won an ASCAP plus USA award for composing from 2000 - 2011, and received the EGREM award from Cuba for two 1988 recordings, Eclipse de Sol with Afrocuba, and Causas Y Azares with Silvio Rodriguez and Afrocuba.

The 13-track release opens with the lively Centro Habana featuring the legendary 14-Grammy award winner, Paquito D'Rivera on alto sax joining Oriente, Itaiguara Brandão, and Mauricio Zottarelli. Next in the line-up is the title track, Aguas Profundas with special guest, Brazilian Jazz guitarist, Romero Lubambo working his magic, and Oriente playing both piano and flute on this amazing track that flows effortlessly, then segues into the song AEIOU where special guest Henrik Meurkens layers in the harmonica. 

Drum enthusiasts will appreciate Mauricio Zottarelli's long drum solo on Hurry Up, followed by the track, Chase where once again Romero Lubambo joins the trio and blends in his guitar rhythms. The release continues with the track Congoja, a perfect vehicle to highlight Oriente López 's exceptionally fine piano work. Carrusel is just the trio and that is more than enough to create a dynamic piece, and on Midtown Waltz, Henrick Meurkens returns to add harmonica. 

The release continues with Sabor Intelectual, which translates from Spanish to Intellectual Flavor, which indeed it is, with Cuban-born Paquito D'Rivera on clarinet, Cuban-born Oriente López on piano, and Brazilians Romero Lubambo on guitar, Itaiguara Brandão on electric bass, and Mauricio Zottarelli on drums and percussion. The track Wait once again features the core trio.

SOS opens with special guest Luis Felipe Lamoglia layering in the tenor sax, then the trio finishes strongly with the track, Tornado, and the closing track Umbral, which slows the pace, and brings the listener down gently to reflect and catch one's breath on this masterfully crafted release. From start to finish, Aguas Profundas is like a long, cool drink of water on a hot day; completely satisfying.

Rhythmically complex acoustic music ensemble with strong melodies and virtuosic performances.

Oriente López wrote all the music for Aguas Profundas, as well as produced it for OHL Music.

Recorded October 2009 by Michael Brorby - Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn NYC, and February 2010 by Sal Mormando - Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City NJ,

Mixed and Masterized May 2011 by Dave Darlington - Bass Hit Recording Manhattan NYC,

Art Work: "Vision Of Sound" by Yanusz Gilewicz,

Photo by David Zacks

All songs written by Oriente Lopez OHL Music

Track listing:

1. Centro Habana 4:20
2. Aguas Profundas 4:53
3. Aeiou 4:51
4. Hurry Up 5:02
5. Chase 4:35
6. Congoja 3:28
7. Carrusel 4:53
8. Midtwon Waltz 4:52
9. Sabor Intelectual 4:49
10. Wait 3:04
11. Sos 5:03
12. Tornado 5:06
13. Umbral 4:07


Oriente Lopez - Piano, Keyboards, Voice, Flute & Alto Flute
Itaiguara Brandao - Electric Bass
Mauricio Zottarelli - Drums & Percussion
Paquito D'Rivera - Alto Sax, Clarinet
Hendrik Muerkens - Harmonica
Romero Lubambo - Guitar
Luis Felipe Lamoglia - Tenor Sax