Saturday, October 28, 2017

Steve Topping - 2004 "Late Flower"

"Late Flower" is the highly anticipated album from Steve Topping, one the foremost guitarists of our time and a seminal influence on a whole generation of rock, jazz and classical musicians. This album of new works features performances by several of his long-time collaborators including bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Gary Husband. English guitarist Topping grew up in Liverpool during the sixties. Born into a musical household he was playing guitar from the age of seven. He was already pushing against technical horizons when he started music college. Later on, composing became equally important to him... but the tough part was yet to come: finding himself and not being a follower. That early promise is now being fulfilled... in a late flowering.

Steve Topping has recently completed two years of recording his latest musical masterpiece, Late Flower. Steve is in the rare league of guitar innovators such as Allan Holdsworth and John McLaughlin. His tasteful and highly original approach to the guitar is indeed refreshing.

" ... this is an exciting and challenging time ... I just can't wait to play this stuff live! Heartfelt thanks to everyone that has taken an interest and sent messages of support. It's been a very long and winding path to Late Flower ... I never want this sort of delay in output again! Hope to see you out there ... " Steve Topping, May 2004.

"I love this record ... it's truly a breath of fresh air ... particularly in these times of a gazillion music schools, magazines and videos that tend to churn out musicians playing everything you've ever heard before ... again! Steve has a unique harmonic approach that is deep, emotional and exciting". Allan Holdsworth

Track listing:

1. Woody Chimer 04:48
2. The Lost Song 05:51
3. Aigburth 10:35
4. Game Of Light 04:04
5. Strolling Boy 08:37
6. Jo 02:37
7. On My Hill...Late Flower 06:44


Steve Topping - Guitars (Real & Virtual), All Keyboards, Percussion on 2, 7, Mixing, Production, Engineering, Editing
Jimmy Johnson - Fretted and Fretless Bass
Gary Husband - Drums, Synth Solo on 4
Frank Schaefer - Cello on 3, 5
Richard Marcangelo - Percussion on 6

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