Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tunnels With Percy Jones - 1993 [1999]

Fretless bassist Percy Jones leads a post-fusion session featuring midi vibe player Marc Wagnon, guitarist Van Manakas & drummer Frank Katz; album includes 2 live tracks recorded at CBGB's & The Knitting Factory.

Percy Jones has been on the cutting edge for so long, it's a wonder he hasn't been sliced to ribbons by now. Undeterred by commercial considerations, he keeps forging ahead, adding more and more weapons to his arsenal of fretless techniques and writing thick threatening fusion (here performed with guitarist Van Manakas, drummer Frank Katz, and MIDI vibist Marc Wagnon). Jones has said he'll try anything to make the bass sound like it usually doesn't, and he's highly successful at it here.

Attention Brand X Listeners! This is the disk for you! One hot recording from beginning to end and contains more music than the original Ozone release of 1993. Yes, it's got it all and more! The players on this recording couldn't be any better. Van Manakas is one of those rare guitarists that actually play a guitar rather than just strum it. Frank Kats is probably one of the best drummers of the 90's. Percy Jones is always true to form and Marc Wagnon.

Incredible drum solo in track 5. Tracks listed from most exciting to less exciting. Very good prog here. Drummer's Delight. Melodies perfect.

Track listing:

1) Inseminator (Jones) 6:09
2) Prisoners Of The Knitting Factory Hallway (Wagnon) 6:37
3) Tunnels (Jones) 6:56
4) Maxwell's Demon (Jones) 7:17
5) Bad American Dream part 24 (Jones, Wagnon,Manakas, Katz) 15:42
6) Freebander (Jones) 5:24
7) Area (Wagnon) 7:51
8) Freebander 3:49
9) Silck 5:39 (Jones)
10) Improvisation 4:35 (Jones, Wagnon, Katz)

note: the last two tracks are bonus tracks, not included on the original release


Percy Jones: bass
Marc Wagnon: midi vibes
Van Manakas: guitar
Frank Katz: drums


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