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Ron Carter - 1975 [1988] "Spanish Blue"

Spanish Blue is an album by bassist Ron Carter recorded at Rudy Van Gelder's Studio in New Jersey in 1974 and released on the CTI label. Interesting concept with good solos by Carter and Hubert Laws (fl). All Music.

This is a piece of art. All Ron Carter's CDs are 5 Stars, but this one I could easily give it 7 Stars. This is my first Jazz LP that I bought in 1982, and in 1990 I hurried to buy the CD as it is my #1 in my over 2000 carefully chosen CDs.
The CD recorded in 1975 contains 4 tunes, 3 composed by Ron Carter and So What? by Miles Davis: 2 are spanish (El Noche Sol - Sabado Sombrero), 2 straight Jazz (So What? - Arkansas).
All musicians had given their best, especially with Ron around, they all play differently.
 On Piano: Roland Hanna!!!, Flute: Hubert Laws, Bass: Ron Carter, Guitar: Jay Berliner, Drums: Billy Cobham, Percussion: Ralph McDonald. Don't Miss this outstanding CD. By Imad Tawil

Ron Carter's offering here is a solid program that has two Spanish-flavored numbers and two traditional jazz compositions that feature five top-caliber musicians at their best. "El Noche Sol" is influenced by Anadalucian folk music, as is the slower, soulful "Sabado Sombrero". Hubert Laws on flute is prominent on all four tracks and a highlight on the CD is the nifty solo work by drummer Billy Cobham on "So What". The final track, "Arkansas", so named for a child's homework project, closes out the album. The CD would have benefitted from the inclusion of a few more numbers but the music is enjoyable and illustrates the group's versatility in interpreting music forms different from what they were accustomed to playing.  By New England Pat

There's incredible talent on this record. I have always loved Sabado sombrero, and Ron Carter and Hubert Laws - well all of the musicians are just giving their all to a very hard piece. Wish I could get a CD. By Curtis S. Cone 

 70′s fusion-esque album by Ron Carter. It’s has a definite Jazz focus, but it also has a latin sound to it. The reason why I personally wouldn’t put it in the fusion category is because the instrumentation is pretty standard. Although this is Ron Carter’s album, it has a lot of excellent flute by the great Hubert Laws, which pretty much steers the album. This album is just a blip for Ron Carter, who has said to appear on over 2,500 albums, which is one of the most astonishing facts in all of music. This goes to show that Bassists are always in need, always have work, and are the backbone of music.   

Track listing

    All compositions by Ron Carter except as indicated

    "El Noche Sol" - 5:56
    "So What" (Miles Davis) - 11:24
    "Sabado Sombrero" - 6:14
    "Arkansas" - 10:33

        Recorded at Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on November 18, 1974


    Ron Carter - bass
    Hubert Laws - flute
    Roland Hanna - electric piano, piano (tracks 1-3)
    Leon Pendarvis - electric piano (track 4)
    Jay Berliner (track 3) - guitar
    Billy Cobham - drums, field drum
    Ralph MacDonald - percussion 

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