Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tommy Bolin - 1972 [1999] "Energy"

Energy were formed in 1971 in Boulder, Colorado when Tommy Bolin and Bobby Berge left Zephyr. The members in the most well-known lineup were:
Tommy Bolin: guitar
Jeff Cook: vocals, harmonica
Tom Stephenson: keyboards, vocals
Stanley Sheldon: bass
Bobby Berge: drums
Other players included:
Kenny Passarelli: first bassist (quickly left to join Joe Walsh)
Jeremy Steig: flute
Gary Wilson: first vocalist (replaced by Jeff Cook)
Max Gronenthal: keyboards, vocals (replaced Jeff Cook and Tom Stephenson)
Russell Bizzett: drums (after Bobby left, then second drummer after Bobby returned)
Archie Shelby: percussion (intermittent)


1 Red Skies 8:19
2 Heartlight 4:23
3 Hok-O-Hey 7:16
4 Got No Time For Trouble 5:01
5 Limits 4:52
6 Eyes Of Blue 2:59
7 Dreamer 5:08
8 Miss Christmas 4:18
9 Naked Edge 14:16
10 Sky Sail 5:28