Monday, November 10, 2014

Dust - 1971 [1992] Dust

Dust was formed in the late 1960s by Richie Wise and two teenagers, Kenny Aaronson and Marc Bell. Additionally, Kenny Kerner wrote the group's lyrics, and acted as their producer and manager. Their debut album was released on Kama Sutra Records in 1971, followed by a sophomore release on the same label the following year. While the group only released these two albums, they later became of interest to collectors interested in early American heavy metal.

Richie Wise - guitar, vocals
Kenny Aaronson - bass
Marc Bell - drums

Track listing:
1. "Stone Woman" 4:03
2. "Chasin' Ladies" 3:39
3. "Goin' Easy" 4:30
4. "Love Me Hard" 5:30
5. "From a Dry Camel" 9:52
6. "Often Shadows Felt" 5:12
7. "Loose Goose" 3:49



  2. Since when was Punk and Heavy Metal the same thing. The Ramones were a legendary Punk Rock group not Heavy Metal. But thanks for the download anyway.