Monday, August 12, 2019

Super Funky Sax - 1980 [2014] "Super Funky Sax"

Couldn't find a lot of information on this CD except a 4.5 rating and all titles were written and arranged by David Matthews but he does not play on it.

Track listing:

01 - Super Groove (David Matthews)
02 - Mika (David Matthews)
03 - Noches Calientes (David Matthews)
04 - Seditty (David Matthews)
05 - Black River Rhapsody (David Matthews)
06 - The Return Of Zorro (David Matthews)

Musicians :

David Sanborn : Alto Saxophone
Michael Brecker : Tenor Saxophone
Ronnie Cuber : Baritone Saxophone
David Spinozza : Electric Guitar
Don Grolnick : Electric Piano
Clifford Carter : Synthesizer
Neil Jason : Electric Bass
Andy Newmark : Drums
Sammy Figueroa : Percussion



  2. New to me, looks good, quiet a line-up, thanks!

  3. It's on Discogs. Apparently originally only released in Japan. And in 1980, not 1989. I was thinking it had to be earlier, based on the lineup. Sanborn and Brecker were both way past their David Matthews session dates by 1989 lol.

    1. I think your right, '80 but the original release had a different cover.

  4. Muchas gracias gran disco y agradecido por introducir workupload para EspaƱa.